The Dresden Files: Portland

Scenario One: Session 2

The next day Yuriko calls Cali and warns her about the danger in the woods. Yuriko suggests that Cali keeps the pack away from Forest Park for the time being. Cali agrees. Yuriko then heads to Powells to do research on the events of last night.

Meanwhile, Dillon pays a visit to Nick. When Dillon explains the situation, Nick becomes very interested. The invisible barrier, he says, was probably a ward of some sort. He would be willing to help out and try to break through the magic.

At Powells, Yuriko’s research is slow-going. She tracks down references to goat men all over the country and even looks into classic fairytales of the Three Billygoats Gruff. Finally, she comes across a few bits of relevant information. Apparently, there tend to be two courts of faerie: the Seelie (or Summer) and the Unseelie (or Winter). The flying form she saw was probably a pixie, a creature that could be associated with either court. However, the goat-man that shot at Yuriko and Dillon fits the description of a Gruff … a denizen of the Summer court.

Yuriko calls Dillon and shares what has found out. He, in turn, tells her about Nick’s offer of help and his guess that it is a ward that keeps them from following Philip’s trail. The two decide that everyone should meet at Powells at 7:00 that night. Dillon offers to call Jim and pass along the news.

While waiting for the group to arrive, Yuriko happens to notice Aleister sitting at a table by himself, wearing a black armband. Yuriko greets him and asks about the armband. Aleister tells her that an acquaintance of his was murdered recently. A young college aged-man who lived in the Park District, named Lyst Cathers. Yuriko offers her condolences, but is inwardly concerned about another young person coming to harm in the area around Forest Park.

Soon everyone gathers together: Dillon, Yuriko, Jim, and Nick. Yuriko tells everyone about the murder of Lyst Cathers. While it is disturbing coincidence, it is just that more important to find Philip. The group makes their way back Forest Park and back to the manhole cover where Jim found Philip’s scent. While the rest of the group waits around a corner in case of magical fallout, Nick tries several times to break the ward sealing off the tunnel. Unfortunately, he is unable to do so, growing more and more exhausted-looking with each attempt.

Finally, Nick admits defeat. Everyone climbs back out of the tunnel, trying to think of another plan. Dillon comes up with an idea to call in the pack. If as many noses as possible search the area, perhaps an alternate route to Philip’s whereabouts could be discovered. Yuriko calls Cali and explains the situation. It is not long before Cali and the young shifters arrive. Eric is noticeably absent, apparently at some “church thing.” Dillon takes charge, convincing all of the young people, especially Troy, that they need to work together to find the missing Philip. Dillon coordinates the search efforts. Nick tries to stay quietly out of the way as the pack shifts into wolves, the young men not making any effort to move into the forest before stripping out of their clothes. Cali asks Dillon if they could use an extra nose. He says that they can, and Cali moves into the brush … only to return moments later as a tawny wolf. Jim and Yuriko also shift into their animal forms to join the search.

As the group fans out into the darkness, Dillon and Nick wait behind. It is not too long before they hear a wolf howl. Heading in that direction, they find another manhole cover with Phillip’s scent. While the wolves wait behind, the rest of the group moves into the tunnel. Jim confirms that Phillip’s scent is strong down here. They move through the tunnel system until they find a door that opens up into the a large concrete culvert. Following the culvert, they approach a set of steps leading up. At the top, they can hear voices and see the glow of candlelight.

Yuriko, in fox form, moves ahead to scout out the situation. A small group has gathered, holding hands and chanting in some strange language. A single man, holding a staff, reads from a piece of parchment in his lap. In the center of the circle of people is a naked young Native man, tied and gagged. A wolf stands near the young man, staring at his bound body. Yuriko quickly makes her way back and shifts into human form, explaining the situation. Jim starts to growl, clearly upset. As the chanting grows louder, Dillon explains the plan. Yuriko, in fox form, will go for the parchment. Dillon will try and incapacitate the leader. After the leader is down, Jim and Nick will try to help the boy.

The plan goes quickly into action. Dillon, using his supernatural abilities, silently moves up behind the man with the scroll and jerks him backwards into the shadows, using his saliva to incapacitate him. Even before the scroll hits the ground, Yuriko has seized it and secreted it away. The circle of people quickly scatter when a large brown bear comes barreling up the stairs. The wolf attacks Jim, but the fight does not last long. The wolf is no match for Jim’s size and strength, and tries to limp away. As both shift back to their human form, Jim and Yuriko untie the young Native man—who Jim confirms is Philip. Dillon goes after the wolf and incapacitates it as well.

For a brief moment, the earth shakes violently, then stops.

As Jim re-unites with Philip, Yuriko hands the scroll to Nick. He looks over the parchment for a bit and determines that it apparently has something to do with ley lines. The group discusses what to do next. A search of the leader’s body reveals a Oregon driver’s licence issued to Adrian Brodsky. Nick brings up the idea of contacting a Warden to deal with Adrian. He steps away to start making phone calls. Dillon suggests bringing Cali back to the scene to see if she recognizes the wolf. Yuriko heads back through the woods and brings the young woman back with her. Cali confirms that the unconscious wolf is Eric.

In talking with Philip, he tells a little more about how he got mixed up in the events of that evening. Adrian was a very charismatic man … and Philip thought he was joining up with a pretty cool bunch of people. Until they tried to sacrifice him. “Only when the wolf devours the bear will power be gained.” The man was apparently a thaumaturge, a person specializing in ritual magic. Jim says that he’s going to take Philip back home. Phillip exchanges phone numbers with Dillon, and everyone says their goodbyes.

Eventually, Eric wakes up and shifts back into his human form. He tries to explain why he was involved with this group. Adrian lingered where some of the high school kids hung out and befriended Eric. They were trying to raise a being named Aratuk, to bring him back into the world. Adrian was going to become even more powerful, and was going to share that power with Eric. Eric just had to be the “knife” in a ritual sacrifice. Eric explains that he thought he was just going to have to kill a bear … not the new kid. But, he just got caught up in everything, in trying to take back what was due him and the others. Cali says that he will arrange to have some wolves “keep an eye” on Eric. Dillon tells Eric that he will be stopping by to check on him … and his other friends in this group. Cali leads Eric away. She will bring the pack home safely.

As this happens, Leilani Capstone, Warden of the Greater Portland area, arrives. Leilani is a brisk, non-nonsense woman. Dillon, Yuriko, and Nick explain Adrian’s role in the events of tonight. Leilani takes him into custody, explaining that he will be tried by the White Council. The first law of magic is to take no life, and, if found guilty, Adrian will be sentenced to death. Dillon is not pleased by the situation, but there is not much to be done. Each group in the supernatural world, whether wizard, shifter, or other, takes care of its own justice.

Dillon, Yuriko, and Nick head back to their homes. When Dillon arrives, he arrange to have the church follow up with the cultists. However, before he can head to bed, he is handed an envelope that was delivered just that day. Opening the heavy parchment, he finds a mysterious invitation to Edgefield



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