Armando Barrientos

Red Court Vampire



High Concept

Red Court Vampire

Other Aspects

Mysterious, Terribly Mysterious
Muy Macho
Dedicated to the Cause


Superb (+5)
Great (+4) : Presence
Good (+3) : Fists, Stealth, Resources
Fair (+2) : Alertness, Athletics, Deceit, Endurance, Intimidation
Average (+1) : Lore, Discipline, Guns

Stunts & Powers

Stunts (Cost)
Powers (Cost)

Addictive Saliva [-1]
Blood Drinker [-1]
Claws [-1]
Echoes of the Beast [-1]
Flesh Mask [-1]
Feeding Dependency [+1]

  • Cloak of Shadows [-1]
  • Inhuman Strength [-2]
  • Inhuman Speed [-2]
  • Inhuman Recovery [-2]
  • Inhuman Toughness [-2]
    • Catch [+2] Sunlight, holy stuff, no armor on belly


Physical : O O O (O O)
Mental : O O
Social : O O
Hunger : O O O

Armor, Etc.

Fantastic initiative, Good attacks, Good to Great defense. Can do physical stress with Weapon:4 strength and claws or set aside the weapon bonus to make it a mental stress attack with their narcotic saliva.


  • Aspect :
  • Aspect :
  • Aspect :
  • Aspect :
Power Level:

Total Refresh Cost : -11


Armando Barrientos worked for the Medellin Cartel in his younger, wilder days. That is, until the cartel was disbanded by the Columbian government and their US backers. Despondent, he found himself in Buenos Aires, drinking his cares away, when he was seduced, and later attacked, by a member of the Red Court.

Since that time, Armando has embraced his status as a member of a favored bloodline. His sire, Gloriana, sent him to Portland to start recruiting for the war.

One night, when he first arrived in Portland, he attacked but spared a young detective investigating a drug ring there. That woman, Sabrina Manheim, was left for dead while Armando recovered from his frenzy. He has been trying to find her and take her on the next step of her journey.

For a while, he was seducing a young Asian woman named Hana Nakamoto. One night, he was confronted by her friends and she was escorted away. He toyed with the idea of revenge but had other tasks at hand—tasks that included orchestrating an attack on some locals as a skirmish in the war against the White Council.

On October 28, 2012, Armando was lured to the dockyards by his former victim, Sabrina Manheim where he was set upon by the Warden Leilani Capstone and destroyed.

Armando Barrientos

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