Audrey Epson

Rape Victim and Suicide


High Concept

Angry Ghost (Poltergeist)


Conviction (+4)

Fists (+3)

Intimidation (+4)

Presence (+3)


Demesne (-1)
Spirit Form [Poltergeist] (-5)
Swift Transition [No Mortal Home] (-1)
Inhuman Strength (-2)
Physical Immunity (-8)
The Catch (+2) [The ghost can only be hurt by those it acknowledges]
Silence (-2) [emits a field of silence about it when it materializes]


Mental OOOO, Physical OO, Social OOOO


Appears as an attractive, though bedraggled, young woman. The obvious victim of an attack.

Total Refresh Cost



Months ago, a stripper from the local Shake-n-Bake club (Audrey Epson) was savagely raped and beaten by a group of men in the parking lot behind the Signet Apts. Although people heard her cries for help, they did nothing to aid her.

The woman was so badly injured and traumatized that she could no longer dance and her beautiful face was scarred and broken. She was fired, evicted, and left homeless. With nothing left but pain and suffering, she hung herself off the War Memorial Highway bridge. Her suicide note, found on the body, cursed the people of Portland because when people cry for help, no one will hear them.

Since then, there have been a series of strange deaths in her 82nd Ave. neighborhood. People have been savagely beaten in seclusion, yet no one hears the attack. Now an innocent man has been accused of murdering his wife—who was in the next room when she was beaten to death, though he claims to have heard nothing.

Audrey’s spirit was exorcised to the Nevernever by a ritual performed by the Warden Leilani Capstone at the request of Dillon Krister and Yuriko Nakamoto.

Audrey Epson

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