Barnabas Gould

Unscrupulous and In-the-Know Business Man


Barnabas Gould has many connections in Portland’s underground—as well as in Portand’s supernatural underground. He is a corrupt businessman and has his fingers in many pies. His latest scheme involves getting underground fighters hooked on a potion designed by a focused practitioner of his acquaintance (Florence Machine) and getting them to pay for it.

He also employs a man by the name of Silas Sharpe as muscle. He works out of an office connected to a warehouse in North Portland.

UPDATE: He has moved his operations to a warehouse in Southeast Portland after being menaced by Brianna Karkana. He has been having an ongoing feud with Brianna ever since. He has opened a new gentleman’s club called The Playground in Northeast Portland and now has to pay ‘tribute’ to Nerise Patel to continue his operation.

Barnabas Gould

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