Deandra Charles

Warden of Seattle



High Concept

Warden of Seattle


New Kid in Town

Other Aspects

Stern but Fair
It’s a Dirty Job…
Combat Veteran


Superb (+5) : Discipline, Conviction, Lore
Great (+4) : Endurance, Alertness, Contacts
Good (+3) : Rapport, Weapons, Fists
Fair (+2) : Empathy, Scholarship, Presence, Investigation
Average (+1) : Guns, , Deceit, Stealth, Resources

Stunts & Powers

Stunts (Skill)


Powers (Cost)
  • Evocation [-3]
  • Thaumaturgy [-3]
  • The Sight [-1]
  • Soulgaze [-0]—discounted due to the Sight
  • Wizard’s Constitution [-0]
  • Refinement [-1] x6

Evocation: (Air, Water, Spirit) / Power (Air +3, Water +3, Spirit +3)

Thaumaturgy: (Conjuration) / Complexity +1, Control +2

Rote Spells (4)

Grasping Branches (Water evocation, offensive maneuver/attack)

  • Power: 8 shifts
  • Control: Roll Discipline plus 2 for an aspect invocation, plus focus items
  • * Opposed by: Athletics
  • Effect: applies “Arboreal Servant” to Nearby Tree, which attacks vs. the target using the caster’s Discipline

Hyperawareness (Spirit evocation, defensive maneuver)

  • Power: 8 shifts
  • Control: Roll Discipline +1 for Control plus focus items
  • Duration: 3 exchanges
  • Effect: Defensive block, two shifts apply to duration leaving +3 (Good) effect

Quick Veil (Spirit evocation, defensive block)

  • Power: 8 shifts
  • Control: Roll Discipline +1 for Control plus focus items
  • Duration: One exchange
  • Opposed by: Alertness
  • Effect: Renders target Invisible
  • Variation: Throw more shifts to affect duration, more people, distance, etc.

Whirldwind (Air evocation, offensive maneuver)

  • Power: 8 shifts in this case (5 for effect, 1 for extended duration, 2 for wide effect)
  • Control: Roll Discipline plus focus items
  • Target: Every person within a single zone
  • Opposed by: Athletics
  • Effect: The target as the sticky aspect “Knocked Prone” applied to him
  • Variations: With the invocation of a scene aspect “Loose Objects” or something like it—you could rebuild this as an outright attack
Focus Item

Wizard’s Staff: Evocation focus (Offensive Air Control + 1, Offensive Air Power + 1, Offensive Water Control + 1, Offensive Water Power + 1)

Enchanted Items

Warden Sword: Cuts through anything (Weapon:3 sword at minimum); 3 times/session acts as either a Fantastic (+6) counterspell or a Weapon:6 item; uses two slots.

2 Unfilled Slots


Physical : O O O O
Mental : O O O O
Social : O O O

Armor, Etc.


  • Aspect :
  • Aspect (Mental):
  • *Aspect * (Physical):
  • Aspect :
  • Aspect :
  • Aspect :

Power Level

Refresh Cost : -13
Current Refresh : 2


Deandra is a combat veteran, a seasoned Warden, and an experienced Wizard. She has been given a hard assignment—command of a troubled region with a leadership issue. But she is determined to do her very best in a tough situation, like she always does. She isn’t interested in political gamesmanship but in protecting the people of Seattle from the Red threat. Hopefully the former Warden will see things her way and work with her and not against her.

Deandra Charles

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