Diego Aguirre de Calderon

New Margrave of the Red Court


New Margrave of the Red Court (Seattle)


Diego Aguirre de Calderon was born in California in 1821. He lived during Alta California’s “golden age” for the land barons and his father’s rancho was very prosperous during this time. He lived a life of privilege and without want. When he turned 18, he left his home and private tutors to go to turbulent South America to seek his own fortune.

While in South America, he was turned into a vampire of the Red Court by a noble by the name of Alejandra Martin de Jesus, an Argentinian revolutionary he had fallen in with. It changed is life in ways innumerable.

Diego has spent most of his immortality in South America with core of the Red Court, fighting duels, rising to prominence, and acting as “muscle” for various other nobles. He has now risen to power and seeks to prove himself a power in his own right.

The “Powers that Be” have sent him to Seattle to lay that territory to rest and deal with the upstarts that have been slaughtering the rulers there of late. Perhaps a bit of “muscle” is what is needed there…

Diego Aguirre de Calderon

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