Joey Aragon

Underground Street Fighter



High Concept

Underground Street Fighter


Ticking Time Bomb of Fury

Other Aspects

Not taking nothin’ from no woman
Respect for Power
Not afraid of nothin’
Brianna is the Boss
Don’t Underestimate Me


Superb (+5) : Fists
Great (+4) : Athletics, Alertness, Driving
Good (+3) : Endurance, Might, Discipline
Fair (+2) : Intimidation, Resources, Presence, Investigation, Stealth
Average (+1) : Lore, Weapons, Contacts, Empathy, Rapport

Stunts & Powers

  • Alertness: “On My Toes” : +2 to Alertness for Initiative
  • Endurance: “Tough Stuff” : Natural Armor:1 vs. blunt trauma
  • Fists : “Footwork” Use Fists to Dodge instead of Athletics
  • Fists : “Killer Blow” +3 damage of Fists attack once per scene (costs 1 FP)
  • Intimidate : “Infuriate” : +2 to any roll when taunting someone and though now target of consequences and aspects
  • Driving: “Shake the Tail” : +2 to skill when eluding someone following you.
Powers (Cost)



Physical : O O O O
Mental : O O
Social : O O O

Armor, Etc.

Shotgun (Weapon:3)
Kevlar (Armor:2)
Talisman (allows entrance into apartment wards)
Knife (Weapon:1)


  • Aspect :
  • Aspect :
  • Aspect :
  • Aspect :
Power Level:

Chest Deep

Skill Cap : Superb
Total Skill Points Spent : 30
Total Skill Points Available : 0
Base Refresh Level : 9
Adjusted Refresh : 5
FP From Last Session : 5
Current Fate Points : 5


Birthday: November 22


Joseph Christopher Aragon was born in Philadelphia to a single mother (Juliette) with whom he always had a volatile relationship due to both of their tempers. He always had trouble in school and with local law enforcement, getting into lots of fights—seeming to be the only thing he was good at. As he got older, his relationship with his mother deteriorated further as he began to intimidate her. [Not Taking Anything From No Woman].

Rising Conflict

When Joey got older, he joined the underground fight circuit. He found some success in it, until he was forced to throw a fight by a corrupt boss—they threatened to hurt his girlfriend at the time. Joey went ahead and threw the fight—he didn’t see he had any choices at the time—but afterward, he beat the hell out of the boss and then left town, leaving the girlfriend. From that time on he learned the lesson to respect power and vowed to either be in charge or respect anyone in charge of him. [Respect for Power]

The Story

In St. Louis, Joey is in over his head in an underground fight syndicate featuring vampires and other creatures. Can he bluster his way out alive? [“Under the Arch”, Not Afraid of Nothin’, Guest Starring Brianna Karkana]

Guest Star

Out of respect for her power and gratitude for saving his life, Joey agrees to fight for Brianna and feed her addiction to, and in turn, feed his rage. [“The Fighter Uncaged”, Brianna is the Boss, Starring Brianna Karkana]

Joey Aragon

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