Malcolm Rupert

Venatori Umbrorum Operative



High Concept

Venatori Umbrorum Operative


Too Many Secrets

Other Aspects

Fa├žade of Weakness
Living for the Work


Superb (+5) : Lore
Great (+4) : Scholarship
Good (+3) : Alertness, Fists, Guns, Investigation, Resources
Fair (+2) : Athletics, Endurance, Conviction, Weapons, Discipline
Average (+1) : Empathy, Rapport, Presence, Driving, Contacts, Stealth

Stunts & Powers

  • Paranoid? Probably (Alertness) +2 to Alertness when rolling against surprise
  • Martial Artist (Fists) Make assessments and declarations at +1
  • Finely Tuned Third Eye (Lore) +2 to use as Alertness for "ick factor
  • Occultist (Lore): Demonologist (1) and Hunter-Killer Demons (2)
  • Windfall (Resources) : Once per adventure may spend a fate point to make a single Resources roll at +4
Powers (Cost)



Physical : O O O
Mental : O O O
Social : O O O

Armor, Etc.


  • Aspect :
  • Aspect :
  • Aspect :
  • Aspect :

Gear: Gun (Weapon:2)

Power Level:

Base Refresh Level : 8
Adjusted Refresh : 5
Current Fate Points : 5


Malcolm Rupert is a longtime operative of the Venatori, having come into the organization just out of high school. His father was part of the organization, as was his grandfather before him.

He hopes to work out an arrangement with a mortal named Barnabas Gould who claims to have a potion that would be of interest to the organization. In exchange for the potion, he wants a certain potent magical item—an actual working crystal ball, in fact.

It turns out that Malcolm has access to such a thing. But first he wants a demonstration of this potion and to be assured that it is in the interest of the organization to pass on this object of power to this would-be mogul.

UPDATE (Feb. 2013): The crystal ball has been stolen from Malcolm and he is currently seeking it out. Gould believes it was stolen by Brianna Karkana—this is Malcolm’s only lead. The Venatori have charged Malcolm with recovering the artifact by any means necessary.

UPDATE (Apr. 2013): The VU has now retracted its charge on Rupert to recover the artifact through Brianna Karkana. It has cleared the slate with her, so to speak, so Rupert has been told to back off.

Malcolm Rupert

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