Mr. Bradbury

Mysterious Denizen of the Nevernever


“Mr. Bradbury” appeared on Brianna Karkana’s doorstep one day to announce that not only did he have Nerise Patel and her man Clive hostage, but that he was in possession of the favor owed to Nerise by Brianna. He knew how he wanted to use that favor and forced Brianna into confronting a dragon for an item in its hoard.

Bradbury is a very fussy-looking man with a cane and dapper clothing. He speaks with a posh East Coast accent, with a slightly European lilt. When angered, one can sometimes see flashes of gold and crimson behind his eyes. He also has a powerful supernatural presence.

His demesne in the Nevernever resembles a well-apportioned mountain chalet with sunken couch, wide fireplace, and modern accoutrements. The windows look out over an imposing mountain.

Mr. Bradbury

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