Shawn Loomis

Bear of a Cop



High Concept
  • Bear of a Cop
Other Aspects
  • To Protect and Serve
  • Lonely Hunter


Human Form
Superb (+5) : Investigation
Great (+4) : Alertness, Guns,
Good (+3) : Stealth, Athletics, Fists
Fair (+2) : Empathy, Rapport, Survival, Burglary
Average (+1) : Contacts, Endurance, Lore, Driving

Bear Form
Superb (+5) :Investigation
Great (+4) : Alertness, Endurance
Good (+3) : Stealth, Athletics, Fists
Fair (+2) : Empathy, Rapport, Burglary, Survival
Average (+1) :Contacts, Guns, Lore, Driving

Stunts & Powers


Scene of the Crime (Investigation): At a crime scene, +1 to Investigation rolls. Usually arrives at findings one time step faster than usual.

Powers (Cost)
  • Beast Change [-1] (Grizzly Bear)
  • Echoes of the Beast [-1] (+1 Smell and +1 to Stealth)
  • Inhuman Strength [-2]
  • Human Form [+1]
    • Claws [-1], Inhuman Toughness [-2]


Physical : O O O [O O O]
Mental : O O
Social : O O O

Armor, Etc.
  • Weapons:4 Claws in Bear form
    *Armor:1 in Bear Form


  • Aspect :
  • Aspect :
  • Aspect :
  • Aspect :
Adjusted Refresh

Available Refresh: 1


Birthday: July 29

Shawn Loomis was a rez kid, born and raised. Grew up in without a real family and with few options. As a result, it wasn’t long before he was getting into trouble. Nothing major, but enough. Fortunately, the elders held his special abilities as a sacred gift and didn’t punish him too severely. Also luckily for him, Captain Schuyler found him before he went off the rails.

Captain Schuyler was with the Washington State Police. He was always trying to work with the reservations, trying to establish good relationships. He took Shawn under his wing and actually convinced him to go into the city and join the police academy. And he did—and he found that he loved it. He loved the city and the work.

He got himself assigned to Special Crimes, which handled all the “weird stuff”. Usually it was cases with no leads or other cold cases. But, occasionally, he’d come across something really odd—odder than him. And he’d have to deal with it. Quietly, else the rest of the force thought him insane. But things had to be done.

He’s now working with Ezekiel George to try and cut down on some of the stranger supernatural threats in the city. He’s even made an alliance with the local werewolf pack to help. Hopefully, together, they can deal with the threats that come their way.

UPDATE (JAN 1, 2014): Having been dating Brianna Karkana for several months, she and he have finally consummated their relationship. He was present for the coup that displaced Nerise Patel as the head of Raith operations in the Portland area during the annual New Years’ Eve party at Nirvana.

Shawn Loomis

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