Ursula Chavez

Red Court Assassin



High Concept

Red Court Assassin

Other Aspects

The Professional
Loyal to Jake Esquivel


Superb (+5)
Great (+4) : Stealth, Alertness
Good (+3) : Fists, Presence, Resources, Intimidation
Fair (+2) : Athletics, Deceit, Endurance
Average (+1) : Lore, Discipline, Guns, Contacts

Stunts & Powers

Stunts (Cost)
Powers (Cost)

Addictive Saliva [-1]
Blood Drinker [-1]
Claws [-1]
Echoes of the Beast [-1]
Flesh Mask [-1]
Feeding Dependency [+1]

  • Cloak of Shadows [-1]
  • Inhuman Strength [-2]
  • Inhuman Speed [-2]
  • Inhuman Recovery [-2]
  • Inhuman Toughness [-2]
    • Catch [+2] Sunlight, holy stuff, no armor on belly


Physical : O O O (O O)
Mental : O O
Social : O O
Hunger : O O O

Armor, Etc.

Fantastic initiative, Good attacks, Good to Great defense. Can do physical stress with Weapon:4 strength and claws or set aside the weapon bonus to make it a mental stress attack with their narcotic saliva.


  • Aspect :
  • Aspect :
  • Aspect :
  • Aspect :
Power Level:

Total Refresh Cost : -11


Ursula is one of a pair of Red Court Vampire assassins from South America. Her partner is Jake Esquivel. The two work well together. She is the cold professional while he is the loose cannon. They are often hired by Red Court nobility to take care of “trouble.”

Ursula was drained of all life by Brianna Karkana in Portland on April 21, 2013.

Ursula Chavez

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