Potion of Hyper-Awareness

Increases sense of surroundings


Duration: 3 exchanges
Effect: Defensive block of Great (+4) to block/dodge

Potion takes up two “slots” and the strength is +5. A Fate Point went to increase total power to +6. Two points of power spent on the duration.


A potion to help increase one’s ability to dodge incoming attacks. The imbiber experiences an increased awareness of her surroundings.

The ingredients are:

  • Base Liquid: Coffee
  • Touch: Spiderweb Strands
  • Taste: Lemongrass
  • Smell: Crisp Morning Air
  • Sight: Color Purple
  • Sound: Bee’s Buzzing
  • Mind: Mirror Shards
  • Heart: Pop Rock Candy (Strawberry)

Potion of Hyper-Awareness

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