Tag: Venatori


  • Malcolm Rupert

    Malcolm Rupert is a longtime operative of the Venatori, having come into the organization just out of high school. His father was part of the organization, as was his grandfather before him. He hopes to work out an arrangement with a mortal named [[: …

  • Charlotte Fleming

    Charlotte Fleming is a former agent of the [[Venatori Umbrorum | Venatori Umbrorum]] who ran away from the organization, taking one of their artifacts with her. She ran to Tempe, Arizona and changed her name to "Deborah Spivey". Unfortunately for her, she …

  • Mr. Smith

    "Mr. Smith" is [[:malcolm-rupert | Malcolm Rupert's]] shadowy superior in the [[Venatori Umbrorum | Venatori Umbrorum]] in Portland. So far, none of our characters have seen Mr. Smith's face. Smith sent [[:brianna-karkana | Brianna Karkana]] to Tempe, …

  • Calvin Cooley

    Calvin Cooley is an agent of the [[Venatori Umbrorum | Venatori Umbrorum]] based in Portland. He was also recruited into the ranks of the [[Fomor | Fomor]] and made to act as a mole for them late in 2013. He has been using a transformation potion to look …

  • Esmerelda Ramos

    Esmerelda is the lord of her fiefdom--the Records Room at Hartram and Wolf. She is in control of domain and rules it with an iron fist. While a trained agent, she seldom ventures out into the field, preferring to stay in the Records Room and studying.

  • Lydia Smith

    Lydia is a [[Venatori Umbrorum]] operative based in Portland. She is a little twitchy from her various assignments, including one which put her into the Nevernever.

  • Moses Grant

    Moses Grant is an agent of the [[Venatori Umbrorum]] based in Portland. He is calm, cool, collected, and far too old for this shit. He is 5 months, 3 weeks, and 2 days from retirement.