Tag: Winter Court


  • Abby Miyazaki

    Abby Miyazaki is the Envoy of the [[Winter Court | Winter Court]] for Portland, Oregon. Many Sidhe of the Winter Court vie for her position. She is young for having attained it and untried. Many would like to see her fail. When she holds court, she …

  • Gordon Smith

    Gordon is a bodyguard and general go-to guy for [[:abby-miyazaki | Abby Miyazaki]], the [[Winter Court | Winter]] envoy to Portland. UPDATE: It has recently been revealed that Gordon is actually a goblin, using a glamour to change his appearance.

  • Hubbard

    Hubbard is a Sidhe of the Winter Court. He was the chief rival of [[:trevidian | Trevidian]], the former envoy to Portland. He has an irrational hatred of Trevidian and has been working to ensure that the murder of [[:lyst-cathers | Lyst Cathers]] isn't …

  • Samuel Jones

    Samuel Jones (not his real name, natch) is a goblin in the employ of the Sidhe [[:hubbard | Hubbard]]. He is loyal to his employer and to the Court, but is otherwise a weasley little scumsucking turd--to put it politely.

  • Krampus

    The Krampus is an ancient fae creature in service to Queen Mab. Once The Krampus gets his new “guests” to his Demesne, he places them in bronze shackles and prepares to take them to Arctis Tor as prisoners for the Queen of Air and Darkness to deal …