Character Generation Quicklist

Character Generation
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Character Idea

  1. Determine Power Level of the campaign
  2. Choose a Template ( List of Templates )
  3. Develop the High Concept Aspect
  4. Develop the Trouble Aspect
  5. Give your character a Name

Character Background

Develop five (5) Phases, each with a Summary and an Aspect:

  1. Where did you come from?
  2. What shaped you?
  3. What was your first adventure?
  4. Whose path have you crossed?
  5. Who else’s path have you crossed?

Finish Up Your Character

  1. Buy Skills (with Skill Points determined by the Power Level)
  2. Buy Stunts and Powers (with Refresh levels)
  3. Calculate final Refresh level
  4. Begin the game with Fate Points = final Refresh level
  5. Calculate the Physical, Social, Mental (and possibly Hunger) Stress tracks based on Skills, Stunts, or Powers purchased
  6. Calculate final Consequences based on Skills, Stunts, or Powers purchased


At the end of the process you should have:

  • A summary of your character’s early history…
  • A summary of your character’s rise to power and call to action…
  • Your character’s first story and two other past adventures, establishing ties to the characters of at least two other players…
  • Seven Aspects (one for the High Concept, one for the Trouble, and one for each of the five Phases)…
  • A number of Skills, depending upon the number of Skill Points allowed by the Power Level of the game…
  • Your character’s mortal Stunts and/or supernatural Powers
  • Your character’s base and final Refresh level…
  • Your character’s initial Fate Points (FP) based on the final Refresh level.

Character Generation Quicklist

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