The Nevernever

Dresden faerie

The Faerie fall into two rough divisions—the Summer Court (the Seelie) and the Winter Court (the Unseelie)—though there are various wyld powers in between these factions. Neither major Court is absolutely “good” or “evil” Trying to assign each a moral stance vis-a-vis mortal perspectives is just dumb… OW 21

Embodied beings, can crossover to the mortal world as they wish, closest to mortals in temperament and location, very interested in mortals, no sense of mortal morals, can feed on energy (magic or soul), often connected to the natural world, associated with the supernatural nation of Faerie (and sometimes a particular Court). OW 29

The appearance of a fae varies by what sort of type of faerie it its—there’s a vast range of different sizes, shapes, and distinguishing features. They are all remarkable in some way, though—be it remarkably beautiful, remarkably ugly, or remarkably odd. OW 38


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