First Adventure--Nick

He’s Not Heavy…

In Portland Oregon, practicing Kinetomany and looking for his long-lost brother, Marcus, Nick Salieri discovers that his brother is in the thrall of a creature of the night. Can a three-time loser save his only family from a fate worse than death?

  • Nick’s Aspect : Blood Is Thicker Than Water

Guest Star: Yuriko Nakamoto

Nick stops by Old Town Florist for a rare/exotic flower. He works with Yuriko to locate and obtain the flower and, in the course of events, Yuriko comes to realize that the ingredient is used in ritual magic…

  • Yuriko’s Aspect : Curiosity Blooms

Guest Star: Dillon Krister

Marcus, resistant to Nick’s interference with his “love life”, starts avoiding Nick. Nick decides to ambush Marcus at the one place he knows he’ll be, Sunday morning at church. Realizing he can’t assault his brother during services, Nick enlists the aid of Dillon, a fellow parishioner, to get Marcus alone and administer his magical “cure”. Dillon, of course, agrees to aid one of the church’s parishioners.

  • Dillon’s Aspect : Protecting My Flock

Guest Starring—Nick
Rising Conflict—Nick

First Adventure--Nick

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