First Adventure--Yuriko

Fox On The Run

Two years ago, while wandering through Forest Park at night in her fox form, Yuriko Nakamoto happed across a small pack of were-wolves. The wolves give chase, and Yuriko runs for her life…

Aspect : Run First, Ask Questions Later

Guest Star: Dillon Krister

Yuriko, running out of steam, shifts bask and climbs a tree. This draws the attention of Dillon, a frequent night patron of Forest Park. Yuriko, treed by the pack, is surprised to see a lone man leap into the pack hissing, fangs gleaming in the moonlight.

  • Dillon’s Aspect : Using The Demon Is Not The same As Embracing It

Guest Star: Nick Salieri

Overhearing a conversation at Powell’s with Aleister regarding were-forms, Nick approaches Yuriko with a possible mystic solution for her safety…

  • Nick’s Aspect : I Can Help, Dammit!

Guest Starring—Yuriko

First Adventure--Yuriko

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