The Nevernever



When blending, ghouls appear completely human. In ghoul form, they look like a Japanese horror cartoon: hunch-shouldered, grey-skinned fiends, covered in short wiry hairs. They have the worst features of mankind, hyena, and baboons, all mixed together: stunted strong legs, too long arms, and hands that have spurs of bone.

What We Know

Ghouls can go through 40 to 50 pounds of meat a day, preferably human. Most ghouls existing outside of the society of clans don’t live very long. Maybe one in ten actually makes it to adulthood. These specimens are extremely dangerous. The rest get eaten by other supernatural predators, killed by animals (who really despise them), sicken and die, get run over by cars, or end their own miserable existence in fits of despair. Intriguingly, despite not being the brightest critters, many ghouls speak ancient Sumerian—likely their “household tongue”.

Many of the ghoul clans provide cheap muscle for various nasty supernaturals (such as the Red Court).


Like cockroaches, ghouls can recover from just about anything short of decapitation or a similar mortal trauma; they scar when they heal, but this may or may not last. They’re inhumanly strong, and in many cases faster than any mortal. They have claws and can appear human at will.


Affected by holy water. Unwavering inability to control their appetites for long. Most are kind of dumb.

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