Guest Starring--Nick

But I Saw Him, Too…

Reverend Buxman shows faith in me. One of his parishioners is seeing “visions” of her recently deceased husband. I will pray with her and sit vigil through the night for her comfort. I will not fail at this…

  • Dillon’s Aspect: I Will Not Fail

Guest Starring: Nick Salieri

Investigating the occurrence and eliminating possibilities, Dillon Krister is directed to Nick Salieri, a Kinetomancer, to see if magic could “fake” a moving corpse

  • Nick’s Aspect : I Know Things

Guest Starring: Yuriko Nakamoto

Yuriko agrees to help track the zombie back to its daytime lair. She shifts into her fox form and leads Dillon to an old cemetery. She stands by while Dillon lays the undead to rest.

  • Yuriko’s Aspect : Strength In Friendship

Guest Starring Redux—Nick
First Adventure—Nick

Guest Starring--Nick

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