Nirvana is an adults-only exclusive nightclub and eatery that caters to the desires of all sexual persuasions. The outer facade looks much like the Taj Mahal while the interior sports several dance floors, a restaurant, and private chambers for more—personal—assignations.

It is operated by House Raith of the White Court and is a haven for the more lust-driven members of their kind.

Theme Aspect

Exotic Lust


Nerise Patel : A distant relative within House Raith who has been charged with overseeing the House’s operations in Portland. Nerise is a beautiful South Indian woman with a devious mind.

UPDATE (JAN 1, 2014): Peregrine Raith has enacted a coup that has displaced Nerise as the head of Raith operations in Portland. Nerise is currently on the run with her associate, Clive.

Peregrine Raith: A cousin to Lara and Thomas Raith, Peregrine has traditionally been the diplomat of the family. He is a trained lawyer with all the charms inherent in being a Raith. He recently enacted a coup to gain control of Nirvana and all of the Raith holdings from Nerise Patel, the Raith’s former operative there.



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