Red Court Infected

Dabel skindeepRed Court vampires—nasty bat-things that live inside an apparently human (and typically gorgeous) flesh-mask, drool addictive narcotic venom, and feed on blood—are able to infect humans, putting them o a potentially inevitable path towards becoming a full-on Red Court vampire. these infected individuals possess some of the same capabilities as the monsters that bit them—at least at a “junior varsity” level… (YS 80)

Examples : Susan Rodriguez and her ally Martin


  • High Concept that addresses their infected state (e.g., Once Bitten, Twice Red or Infected Insurgent)
  • This Aspect may be compelled to inflict watered-down versions of the Red Court’s weaknesses on the character (aversion to sunlight and holy objects, may be damaged by their own powers, etc.)
  • Powers
    • Addictive Saliva [-1]
    • Blood Drinker [-1]
    • Feeding Dependency [+1]…which will affect the following abilities…
    • At least one of Inhuman Recovery [-2], Inhuman Speed [-2], Inhuman Strength [-2], Inhuman Toughness [-2]
      • For the Recovery and Toughness abilities, assume a “Catch” value from 0 to +2 (depending upon extent)
  • If at any point the character kills another human and drinks its blood, he must immediately “upgrade” to full Red Court Vampire—and will now be an NPC


  • Optional abilities beyond those noted above include:
    • Tattoos of St. Giles [-2]
    • Cloak of Shadows [-1]

Important Skills

  • Fists, Deceit, Discipline

Minimum Refresh Cost

  • -3

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Red Court Infected

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