Red Court Vampires


Red court vampire

While wearing their “ectoplasmic skin” they look like people—usually attractive people.

When they vamp-out, they look like black flabby creatures with horrible bat faces, fangs, bellies tight with blood, and fingers and grasping toes that end in black claws. Slimy wing-like membranes stretch between their arms and flanks, but they are not functional as wings. OW 87

While there are members of the Red Court wandering through the city (and maybe even a few nobles), the overall vampire population of Portland is relatively low. Most are individualistic predators, working alone and eschewing the “togetherness” of a true faction.

It has recently come to light that the Red Court is at war with the White Council.

Dillon Krister Sabrina Manheim Armando Barrientos
Vanessa Montague Alissa Tanner Alfonse Velasquez
Ricky Parsons

Red Court Vampires

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