Rising Conflict--Nick

In New Orleans, Nick discovers that Deirdre has another apprentice: Sully. Sully (aka Sullivan McCrane) is a “golden boy” as far as Nick is concerned and can do no wrong in Deirdre’s eyes. Nick, on the other hand, seemed to only be able to disappoint.

Nick also learns from Deirdre that he has a brother, Marcus, who lives in Portland, Oregon. She doesn’t know much about him, only that he’s younger than Nick and also got put into foster care after Nick’s father and mother disappeared.

While in New Orleans, Nick continued to get into a lot of trouble, and, as his resentment grew, frequently fought with Sully and Deirdre. As Deirdre and Nick became more and more frustrated with each other, words were finally said that couldn’t be took back: Deirdre revealed her true feelings that Nick would never make it as a Wizard and suggested “Why don’t you just focus on what you can do?” Nick never seemed to be able to work outside the realm of Kinetomancy (or the magic of force and motion). So Nick decided to do just that—and pick up and move to Portland to find his brother while he was at it.

Aspect: Better Off On My Own

First Adventure—Nick

Rising Conflict--Nick

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