The Prophecy

“And there will come one among the corrupted who may walk in the light and not yet be burned but thirsts for the blood of man. He can walk in the holy places and wear the sacred cross. And yet he thirsts for the blood of man. He is an abomination. For if he turns away from the light and changes to a beast, the beasts will no longer fear the holy places and the sacred cross. He is the first of many who will no longer fear God.”

This prophecy has been uncovered by the sages of the White Council and is being circulated amongst the Wardens. It is possible that it could refer to Dillon Krister, a Red Court infected that is mysteriously able to reside in a church and takes no harm from holy objects.

This prophecy is considered a threat due to the Warden predilection to kill that which threatens order. It is thought that they will kill this mysterious “abomination” rather than reason with him, should he be discovered.

Face: Dillon Krister: A Red Court infected who was going to seminary school before his affliction. He is a friend and protege of Reverend Donald Buxman.

The Prophecy

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