The Restless Dead

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Side Job: The Restless Dead

“They come to us, these restless dead, Shrouds woven from the words of men, With trumpets sounding overhead (The walls of hope have grown so thin And all our vaunted innocence Has withered in this endless frost) That promise little recompense For all we risk, for all we’ve lost.” — Mira Grant (Feed)

Angelica is warned by spirits about someone stirring the dead from their rest. A zombie with an agenda attacks a bartender at a local movie theatre. And Angelica and Lau Hu are drawn into the machinations of a young, and very angry, necromancer.

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Side Job: Night Terrors

“Most nightmares are caged in their realm by implausibilities. The sleeper slogs through quicksand in a fun house of frightening nonsense and disjointed mumbo jumbo. But everything’s all better once the bedside lamp is back on, because reality, even when it’s bad, is easily distinguished from night terror. Except for the trying-to-scream dream. That one’s pretty much spot-on.” — Jamie Mason (Three Graves Full)

Angelica is approached by a kindred spirit and asked to help rid an old home of its nightmares. Meanwhile, she and Lau Hu’s past actions may come back to haunt them.


Side Job: Book of Shadows

“Magick is the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will.” — Aleister Crowley

Angelica is charged by the White Council to investigate the purpose of a book desired by the person known only as “The Shrouded One”. Meanwhile, she is surprised when she encounters a local paranormal investigation team at the site of one of her own investigations.

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This story continues with “Book of Shadows” Part Three above: Part Three, Part Four

Side Job: Shadow’s Price


“Revenge, the sweetest morsel to the mouth that ever was cooked in hell.” Walter Scott, The Heart of Mid-Lothian

Lau Hu brings Angelica to Chinatown to investigate the disappearance of one of his co-workers and is drawn into a series of occult crimes that may be part of a larger scheme.

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The Restless Dead

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