Venatori Umbrorum




Varies by individuals; they undoubtedly have some sort of identifying regalia, but they’re probably not always wearing it and, additionally, we’ve never heard what it is.

What We Know

The Venatori Umbrorum (translated as “the Hunters of the Shadows”) is often characterized as "the Masons with machine guns or “The Masons with flamethrowers.” They are an ancient secret brotherhood of primarily academic sorts (although some of them are military) who specialize in human legal systems and intelligence analysis. In normal times, they often help provide information and analysis to the White Council; under the auspices of the Vampire War, their help has become even more important—the Venatori Umbrorum are even participating in field combat to help slow down the vampires.


Mortals with skills and networks in business, espionage, finance, military, history, folklore, and analysis skills. Probably a grasp of basic mystical countermeasures and supernatural entity identification.


The Venatori Umbrorum’s biggest weakness is the lack of powerful practitioners in their ranks.

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Venatori Umbrorum

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