White Council


White council

The White Council, comprised of wizards from all mortal nations, is a signatory of the Unseelie Accords and serves as the “supernatural nation” for all mortal wizardkind. The Senior Council (its governing body) ensures that most wizards in the world respect the Laws of Magic—and disposes of the ones who don’t (via its Wardens…) — OW 17

The full wizard in action is a terror to behold. His is an ancient bloodline, heir to the magics of old and able to command their full array; given enough time and preparation, there is very little to limit what a wizard can accomplish beyond the fetters of his own belief in what he can do.

In short, a Wizard of the White Council is a lean, mean, arcane ass-kicking machine… — YS 86

The White Council has assigned a single Warden to watch over the Greater Portland area. Currently, that Warden is Leilani Capstone. With the outbreak of the Vampire War, most of the White Council’s attention has been on Seattle and other cities with larger Red Court populations. Portland’s Red Court population has been relatively small and is not perceived as a threat.

The city also has a small population of focused practitioners who are also subject to the White Council’s enforcement of laws regarding spellcasting.

It has recently come to light that the White Council is at war with the Red Court Vampires.

Aleister Henry Bascomb Adrian Brodsky
Leilani Capstone John Daymar Kendria
Sullivan McCrane Tim Mulligan Deirdre Salieri
Nick Salieri Angelica Underwood Gary Faith
Laurie James Jayson Miranda Sydney Benning
Deacon Flint Ezekiel George Florence Machine

White Council

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