White Court Vampire

Murder a troisOf all the known vampire courts, the White Court vampires appear to the be weakest—but they are no less deadly. They are also the closest to mortals in behaviors and predilections. They might best be seen as a separate race, able to interbreed with humans (White Court vampires are born , not made—it’s hereditary). They feed on the strong emotions of their victims—sometimes, though not always to the point of death—and they can excite these emotions in their victims as well. Adept at manipulation White Court vampires rarely take action directly, preferring to act through catspaws and patsies. (YS 84)

Examples : Thomas Raith


  • High Concept indicating their heritage (e.g., Black Sheep of House Raith or White Court Dancer)
    • This Aspect may be compelled to represent some of the White Court’s classic weaknesses—True Love can burn them, as well as other “Truths” (True Courage, etc.), leaving scars that don’t fade, and holy objects and displays of faith at least make them uncomfortable.
  • Unless it is not known, determine and sketchily detail the character’s House—family is very important to the White Court…
  • Powers
    • Emotional Vampire [-1]
    • Human Guise [+0]
    • Incite Emotion (Touch Only) [-1]
    • Feeding Dependency [+1]…which affects the remaining abilities listed…
    • Inhuman Recovery [-2]; the Catch is True Love, Hope, Courage
    • Inhuman Speed [-2]
    • Inhuman Strength [-2]


  • White Court vampires may upgrade some of the their listed abilities…
    • May take the more expensive version of Incite Emotion, allowing it operate at range or a broader spectrum of emotion
    • May upgrade Inhuman Recovery to Supernatural Recovery

Important Skills

  • Athletics, Alertness, Deceit, Endurance, Discipline, Intimidation, Might, other physical skills

Minimum Refresh Cost

  • -7

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White Court Vampire

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