White Court Vampires


White court vampire

Normally, they look like pale, extremely attractive humans. When using their powers, White Court vampires are surrounded by a cold wind, their featrues stretch, their cheekbones grow starker, their eyes turn silver and then pure white, their skin glows a luminous pearl, and their voice becomes more feral and vicious. Their blood is an unnatural pinkish hue. OW 89

The White Court, have a sizable presence in Portland—especially House Raith, who takes advantage of (or perhaps even drives) the large adult entertainment industry in Portland.

Some others have blended into the bohemian lifestyle of the Hawthorne neighborhood and the Alberta Arts District. Being “psychic” vampires, they also blend in well on the campuses of the various universities in the city. They also frequent the numerous clubs and nightspots in the city, including Club Beat and The Zoo.

House Raith operates an exclusive Indian-themed adult entertainment club called Nirvana.

House Karkana, a minor House that is believed to feed on rage, is said to have a small presence in the community, primarily within the underground fight clubs. How much of this is true is hard to say. . .

Brianna Karkana Quincy Karkana Tania McKittrick
Nerise Patel Clive Marilyn Rathbourne
Madeline Raith Mistress Felicia Peregrine Raith

White Court Vampires

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