White Court Virgin

Whitecourtvamps tdWhite Court vampirism is a hereditary condition, passed along when interbreeding with humans, always breeding true. But the condition doesn’t truly take hold until the “virgin” White Court vampire has killed for the first time with his emotion-feeding abilities. Unblooded White Court virgins do not have the weaknesses of full White Court vampires, making them difficult to detect… (YS 85)

Examples : Inari Wraith


  • High Concept indicating their heritage/predicament (e.g., I Was a Teenage White Court Virgin or White Court Family Secret)
    • This Aspect may be compelled to bring the character’s heritage to the fore, triggering the need to feed, etc.
  • The player should determine and at least sketchily detail the character’s House
  • Powers
    • Emotional Vampire [-1]
    • Incite Emotion (Touch Only) [-1]


  • If GM agrees, may slowly take on White Court Vampire abilities, but use will leave character ravenous. If so, character must take Feeding Dependency as well…

Important Skills

  • Deceit, Intimidation

Minimum Refresh Cost

  • -2. Pray you don’t go further…

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White Court Virgin

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