The Nevernever



Zombies look like dead people shambling around, except when they’re running like madmen after your car.

What We Know

When a necromancer infuses energy into the corpse of a dead being, you get a zombie. Since zombies were once human, they have a larger “metaphysical footprint” than, say, animals. This means that a necromancer can pour more energy into them and get stronger goons. Older corpses have a deeper footprint and are easier to control; they are also harder to call up, stronger,and more difficult to damage.

Necromancers control zombies using a drum, creating a false heartbeat. The necromancer links to the beat, which links to the zombie, making the zombie think that the beat is coming from inside itself. In this way, via the linked drumbeat, the necromancer’s intentions are communicated to the zombie. The zombie thinks that these intentions are its own and follows them without question.


Inhuman Strength, Inhuman Speed, Inhuman Toughness. Feels no pain. Older specimens could have Supernatural or even Mythic levels of power.


Massive trauma can kill a zombie. They can be rendered inert by cutting off the flow of energy animating them via running water, magic circle, ring of salt, etc.

If the drumbeat controlling a zombie is lost, it will slip control and act unpredictably (could just stand there or could run amok).

Zombies aren’t intelligent but they can follow orders; they’re about as smart as an average animal.


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