The Dresden Files: Portland

Scenario Five, Session Five

Days of Future Past, Part Five

October 27, 2012

Hana and Yuriko visit Nick in the hospital. They learn that they while they will be releasing him that afternoon, his injury is still healing and will be for a little while. They decide to hang out with him until they release him and to escort him back to his apartment.

Around noon, Dillon decides to call Jack Sigo to get updated on the plan for the 30th. The Elders still want to deal with Eris on their own. Jack is working on some mojo to help on the raid of Eris’ cave on Mount Hood. In talking out the plan, it’s decided that disguises would probably be a good thing to have, so that way the would-be victim of Eris’ sacrifice would not recognize his assailants and her saviors and they would all have more deniability in the endeavor. The two joke that Jack should have a Lone Ranger mask and Dillon a Tonto mask. They decide to show up at Jack’s house at 2pm on the 30th and they’ll head up to the mountain, hoping to hike up to the cave by 5. Then they can get the drop on Eris.

Yuriko texts Dillon from Nick’s apartment, letting him know that Nick is still not 100% okay. She then calls Dillon and gets updated on his conversation with Jack. Dillon asks her to go to the Spirit store and get some masks for them.

Yuriko then goes back to her apartment with Hana. On the way, Hana asks her “What are you doing and how can I help?” Yuriko considers this a moment and answers. “We’re trying to save a girl from being ritually sacrificed. I’ll have to ask the others if you can help. Are you up to it?”

Hana shrugs. “I’m tired of being toured around from your apartment to your parents house to Nick’s apartment and back.”

" That’s fair. Anzu sent you to me to learn about fox things. Maybe we can train with a wolf pack I know? Learn more about hiding and running and being a fox? Would you like that? "

“Okay, I guess.”

Yuriko texts Dillon with Hana’s offer of help and asks if it will be a problem. Dillon responds that test it would—it’s not a good time to vet new talent. She then brings up the idea of honing their talents with the wolf pack. Dillon reiterates that this outing is a bad idea but the wolf pack might work for later.

Yuriko then calls Cali and asks her for a favor. Could the pack help her and her cousin with some training exercises in Forest Park at night? She also updates her on the goat-man situation, letting Cali know that it has been resolved. Cali thinks the training idea is a good one and offers to put in a good word with Troy, who is still alpha of the pack. She’ll let Yuriko know what he says.

After that, Yuriko and Hana go get the masks for the others. For Nick, she gets a Yoda mask. For Jack, a Lone Ranger mask (at Dillon’s insistence—something about an inside joke). For herself, a fox mask. And for Dillon, a ninja outfit. Finally, she and Hana go to Powell’s to do research on ritual magic. Essentially, common protections involve disrupting either the caster or the linked objects involved in the spell. Also, all magic dissipates in sunlight. Some casters even go to great lengths to keep their hair and nails from falling into the wrong hands so that they don’t become sympathetic links for ritual spells. Yuriko passes on the fruits of her research to Dillon and Nick.

That night, Dillon goes on “Demon Patrol”— essentially, tailing Buxman (with his knowledge, of course), making sure that Hutton doesn’t show up and cause trouble. Dillon also lets Buxman know what he’s doing on the 30th regarding Killian Eris (mostly so that someone knows what happened to him if something goes wrong). Dillon also gives the priest Tom Casing’s and Sabrina’s contact information, just in case. Buxman says that he will pray for his success.

October 28, 2012 (10:00 pm)

Dillon receives a text from Sabrina: “On a job. If I don’t txt back in 2 hrs send police” She then texts an address.

Dillon texts back: “Oh crap. What’s going down?”

“Don’t worry. Have back up.”

“If this is Italian bloodsucker related, you have to call me first.”

“No time. In motion. Just be there for me.”

Dillon calls Yuriko and relates the text conversation. He’s worried about what he should do. She’s obviously going after Armando, which is a bad idea, but he has to guard Reverend Buxman. After a brief discussion, Dillon decides to go to the address while Yuriko watches Buxman.

Dillon lets the priest know about the change in the guard and leaves the address with Buxman, just in case something goes wrong. Meanwhile, Yuriko asks if Hana wants to accompany her to watch Buxman. Hana says she will go. They head over to Buxman’s home where she hands him her phone. Yuriko also explains to Hana who they’re looking out for and that, above all, she is to not engage with Hutton.

Dillon heads for the address Sabrina had texted. It leads him to a small marina on the waterfront. He checks out the exterior of the marina—quiet. He then walks along the exterior, gazing toward the various slips and outlying buildings. Also quiet. Suddenly, the ground beneath his feet ripples in a very localized earthquake, originating from within the marina. He skulks into the marina proper in hopes of finding the source of the disturbance—and Sabrina. As he investigates, he hears the bloodcurdling scream of a man in pain. He can’t pinpoint where it comes from, so he frantically searches for the source. Then he hears a bestial shriek—familiar from his memories of when he was attacked by a Red Court Vampire. This sound he can pinpoint and follows it to a lit, empty slip. He cautiously approaches from the rear and peers inside.

Standing on the ledge around the empty dock is Sabrina. She is facing a winged, demonic beast with a wickedly broken leg. It kneels on its one good leg, gazing up at the implacable face of Warden Leilani Capstone. Capstone brings a her sword down on the beast’s neck and severs it from its shoulders. Dillon backs away slowly, careful not to be seen, and then takes off. He catches a bus to take him back home. As he rides, he gets a text from Sabrina: “Everything is good”

“What’s good?”

“Our Columbian friend is not a problem anymore”

“I can’t say I approve of you going after Mr. Italiano”

“Capstone had a plan. Risky, but got the job done. We both take risks”

Dillon is silent for the rest of the ride home.

October 29, 2012 (2:00 am)

Meanwhile, Yuriko and Hana have been having a quiet night watching Buxman’s home. Dillon returns and tells Yuriko what he witnessed, telling her to not reveal to anyone that he was actually there. Hana and Dillon exchange numbers, since Buxman still has Yuriko’s phone, and the two girls head back home while Dillon remains on watch. Yuriko reassures Hana that she won’t have to worry about Armando anymore.

October 29, 2012

Buxman returns Yuriko’s phone to Dillon to return to her. Dillon takes the opportunity to fill Buxman in on the end of Armando. There are still other vampires in Portland, but at least this one has been dealt with.

Cali calls Yuriko, letting her know that Troy says that it’s all set with the pack for her training exercises. Whenever they’d like to start, the pack is in. She gives Yuriko Troy’s contact information. Yuriko contacts Troy and they set up a meet that evening in Forest Park.

True to their word, the pack meets Yuriko and Hana that night at Forest Park. Troy is his usual cocky self but the rest of the pack seems glad to be there. They set up the rules—essentially tag with a 15 minute head start for the foxes. No biting, no blood. They’ll play for two hours and see how the foxes do. Hana seems a bit nervous and terrified, but, after they get started, settles into the game fairly well. Nevertheless, neither kitsune fares very well during the inaugural games. Still, it seems like a good time was had by all and it will suit Yuriko and Hana’s training needs really well. They all agree to meet again and go their separate ways.

October 30, 2012

Buxman wakes Dillon up in the morning with some bad news: Reverend Beauvais was killed last night. Apparently his house was burned to the ground around him. The cause of death and of the fire are being investigated. A few of the University security personnel were severely injured, but not killed, as well. Dillon asks if this is normal for the demon. Buxman responds that if he wanted the victims to suffer, then certainly. Dillon asks if Buxman can handle this demon alone. The priest honestly doesn’t know. It was hard enough with two of them twenty years ago. Now and alone? He doesn’t know. But, Buxman says he may have to recruit someone. Dillon asks if there are exorcists available and Buxman says that there are some, not a lot. Even amongst the faithful, who have fought evil for two thousand years, there are some who think of it merely as mysticism.

“Do you have any kind of plan?” Dillon asks. “Waiting for him to come to us sucks, as Beauvais can attest to. Can we track him? Trace him?”

Buxman shrugs. “Not my line. Perhaps a magical practitioner could.”

Dillon calls Nick and asks him about tracking the demon. Nick confirms that they’re talking a possessed mortal, not an ectoplasmic construct. So, no, not really, there would be a demon trace any more than the DNA of the mortal person he’s riding in. But, if he used magic to start the fire, then maybe that could be tracked. If a diviner could get a connection to the site, the closer the better, then it could be done remotely. Dillon talks him into contacting John Daymar to do the divining. Nick warns him that it could cost them a favor.

Dillon tells Buxman to start recruiting that fellow exorcist. Dillon then calls Sabrina. “I need a police favor.”

“Oh really?”

“Yeah. Reverend Beauvais got killed last night in a fire.”

“I heard about that.”

“I think our friend Mr. Hutton may be involved.”

" I see."

“I need something from the site. A piece of the house. Something like that. Something close. Can you get me there?”

“I don’t know about that. Neither Tom nor I or working that case.”

“Can you get on-site?”


“Can you get something from the scene?”

Sabrina sighs. “Probably. Yeah. Okay.”

“Okay. But I’m on a schedule. I got some place to be by two. Can you drop it off for me?”

“Yeah. Alright. I’ll cut it close, but alright.”

“Great. I owe you one.”

Dillon then waits for Nick’s call back about Daymar. Sure enough, Daymar will do it for a future favor. He calls Sabrina back and tells her that the drop will be made to a John Daymar at Barry’s Drafthouse.

Dillon tells Buxman to stay at church tonight and he agrees.

Yuriko calls Dillon and they set up the arrangements for the three of them (she, Dillon, and Nick) to meet at the bus stop to get to Jack’s.

When they get to Jack’s, they waste little time in loading up in his beat-up truck to head to the mountain. Jack is suitably amused at his Lone Ranger mask. He also loads up a large rifle with a scope into the gun rack on the back panel of the truck’s cab. As they drive, they discuss the plan—such as it is. Jack reveals that he has his rifle loaded with tranquilizer darts that have been “mojoed” to slow down Eris’ magic, should the need arise. They will get there and have Yuriko and Dillon hide inside the cave with Nick and Jack outside. If Eris approaches with a willing companion, they will let him get inside and start his ritual before interfering—it will be better if the victim knew she was a victim and not be a “companion” of “good ol’ Dr. Eris.” If he’s dragging an unwilling victim, Jack will tag him with his tranq dart before he even gets to the cave. Regardless, Nick will have his revolver ready—in case things go really badly, he can take out Eris.

They park the truck away from the trail they found on their earlier excursion and camouflage it with netting that Jack takes out from the back. They all climb the trail as the moon starts rise in the evening sky. Yuriko takes on her fox form and goes inside the cave with Dillon while Jack and Nick take up their position outside.

As Yuriko and Dillon begin to take up their own positions inside the cave, they note that there has been an addition to the inventory since the last time they were here—three bags of lime have been brought in since they were here last. Apparently, Eris doesn’t intend for the body to be found at the bottom of the cliff this time. Yuriko wedges herself into a hiding spot while Dillon finds a place in the shadows. Both sit and prepare to bide their time. Yuriko listens with her keen ears for the approach of Eris outside.

After about an hour of waiting, both Nick and Jack can see the approach of two figures up the trail, lighting their way with a lantern. One is clearly leaning heavily on the other. The one supporting the other is also wearing a pack and carrying the light. As they get closer, Jack recognizes the one with the light as Eris. Unfortunately, Eris seems to have spotted Nick in his hiding place. The shaman drops his light and casts his hand out in Nick’s direction, spouting some words that neither Nick nor Jack understand. Suddenly Eris is surrounded in electric sparks and is burning and twitching. He falls to the ground. Jack takes his shot and puts a tranq dart in the man’s neck. Eris ceases to twitch.

Meanwhile, the other figure sits heavily on a nearby rock. Her head lolls heavily. She’s obviously been drugged. Jack calls for the others to come out of the cave. Yuriko and Dillon emerge warily and survey the scene as Jack and Nick catch them up on current events. Dillon checks the woman for ID and finds none—only a fanny pack with condoms, birth control, gum, and other assorted odds and ends. He assumes she’s a prostitute. Eris’ pack contains a bone knife and an earthenware bowl with various glyphs and sigils etched on the inside. Jack heft Eris while Dillon takes the woman in a fireman’s carry and both head down the trail back to the truck. Jack binds Eris with rope in the back of the truck while everyone else crowds in the cab.

Dillon calls Sabrina. She informs him that she made the drop as asked—though that Daymar character was a bit squirrelly. Dillon agrees. But. . . “I’ve got a drugged up prostitute. . .” he begins. Eventually, he talks Sabrina into meeting them at a rest stop near Mount Hood and picking them up to take the woman to an ER.

Jack drops them off at the rest stop and tells them “Vaya con Dios”, promising to keep them posted on how Elder Eaglestaff was doing.

As they wait for Sabrina, the woman begins to become more coherent—though she is obviously confused about how she got where she is. Dillon isn’t very forthcoming, wanting to keep her in the dark as much as possible—for her safety as much as theirs. Apparently “some Indian guy” offered her a job at the University and then next she knew she was groggy and near Mount Hood. Dillon does offer her a ride to an ER and she accepts. He also chit chats a while as they wait, trying to keep her calm.

Sabrina arrives after a couple of hours and picks them all up. She later pulls up to a hospital in the city and walks the woman into the ER.



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