The Dresden Files: Portland

Side Job: Interlude

Karkana Chronicles: Eighteen

June 2013

Over the course of a couple of phone conversations, Brianna and Loomis try to get to know each other a little better…

Brianna asks Loomis about his ex-wife’s connection to the supernatural community. Is she also a were-bear? Loomis essentially tells her that it’s not his place to tell her that. Brianna is nonplussed at his answer—she wasn’t really sure he’d say anything.

Loomis said he didn’t have children, but did he want kids? Loomis seems fairly indifferent as it’s not something he’s thought much about. Maybe later on down the road. He turns the question around on Brianna. Does she want kids? Brianna laughs caustically. “No. I remember what my childhood was like. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone else.” After a bit of an awkward pause, she continues, asking Loomis if he knows how White Court heritage works. He doesn’t. She tells him that it’s genetic—any children she has will be become a White Court Vampire. He doesn’t have a response to that.

She follows up asking if he’s ever been in a relationship with or known a White Court Vampire before. He hasn’t. Brianna encourages him to do research and ask what questions he has.

Does Loomis seem to be solitary like Brianna? Does he hang out often with groups of coworkers, etc.? Loomis says he does like to keep to himself.

After their phone conversations, Brianna does some research on boxing matches (legal) in the Seattle area. When she has a good sense of times and dates, she calls Loomis again. After a bit of chit-chat, she bluntly tells him that she’d like to come up to Seattle for an evening. She wants him to see how she normally feeds.

“I don’t know what you think I do, but what you’ve seen isn’t typical for me.”

Loomis tells her “I’ve tried not to think about it.”

Brianna shakes her head. “That’s what I was afraid of.”

As much as she can, she tries not to hurt people, even when she feeds. This is very important to her, for him to be there.

Loomis agrees and she meets him at his house at the designated Saturday evening. They drive together to the event. Brianna is wearing jeans and a sleeveless tank top. She is dressed a bit sexily, but is trying to maximize her chances for skin-to-skin contact. At the match, the two stick close together as Brianna goes through the crowd, sipping the ambient rage as she brushes up and lightly touches people in the crowd. During this time, Brianna is careful not to touch Loomis. At the end of the event, as they’re sitting together in the vehicle, she turns to him and says that’s how it works for her. Loomis says that he is appreciative that she shared this with him.



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