The Dresden Files: Portland

Side Job: Whiskey in the Jar (Part III)

Karkana Chronicles Twenty-Six

December 14, 2013 (early Saturday morning)

Brianna drives back out the Ladd Carriage House around 3:00 a.m. She parks a good distance from the building and walks over. She saw some exterior cameras earlier, but wants to make a few passes again to scope out the outside.

There are no lights on inside the building. All the cameras she spots are fixed on the doors and main windows. There are some windows without cameras, but they are either too small for a person to fit through or very near the roof. Remembering the inside layout of the Rookery, Brianna knows that going through one of those windows will mean dropping down several feet to the floor and it may be difficult to climb back up without something to aid her. There are no fire escapes, but gutters lead down from the roof.

Brianna heads over to building next door to see if she can climb onto its roof. She’d like to get a better view of the Carriage House from up high. Heading up the fire escape, she pulls herself onto the slanted roof. Looking over at the Carriage House, Brianna can tell that there aren’t any cameras, but also that there isn’t any roof access. She decides that the best way into the Rookery would be to climb up one of the gutters to one of the very top windows, then drop down inside. There may still be someone inside, she really can’t tell, but Brianna is ready to get this over with.

The White Court vampire heads back to her car to get a set of gloves and fill her pockets with nails from her glove compartment. Then she returns to the Ladd Carriage House and starts climbing one of the gutters up to the top floor. She loses her grip near the top and slides down several feet, making some noise. Brianna curses silently, but pauses, listening for any sound inside the building. She hears nothing, so continues climbing back up to the top window. Peering in, the only bit of illumination is the faint red glow from the exit sign.

Brianna forces the window open with a slight ‘pop,’ then eels her way inside. When she drops to the floor, she pauses again to listen. No alarms or any other sounds. She stealthily makes her way towards the bar, moving around the shadowy shapes of the table and chairs. Brianna first heads to the cabinet that is locked, but not warded. She forces it open, breaking the lock. Using the light on her cell phone, she scans the bottles. She isn’t really surprised to see that the Glenfiddich isn’t inside. She pushes the cabinet door shut, then quietly moves over to the other.

Not knowing what the ward might actually do to her, she touches the cabinet cautiously with her foot. She can feel her foot shoved back. Brianna looks around, visually mapping out the best path to the window in case she has to move quickly. She takes off her coat, moving the nails to her pockets, so that she something to use as padding in which to wrap the bottle. Brianna reaches towards the cabinet, then suddenly stops as someone clears their throat from directly behind her.

Brianna turns and raises an eyebrow. David is standing behind her with his arms crossed. “You keep late hours,” she remarks calmly.

“Don’t we all.” They stare at each other for a minute. “I’m going to have to buy a new lock for that other cabinet. i don’t wish to re-lock that one,” he inclines his head at the warded cabinet. “You set off the silent alarm, but I told the alarm company that everything was fine and I could handle it. I thought something was wrong with you when you first came in, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I had no idea you were a cat burglar.”

“I’m a woman of mystery.”

’Now the question is, what do I do with you?"

Brianna is on the balls of her feet, ready to move, but she keeps a calm expression on her face. “I don’t know, what do you think you can do with me, David?”

“I don’t like thieves. I could put you on ice until I figure out what to do with you. That would be amusing.”

“I suppose you could try.”

“But I’m more curious as to what it is you want.”

“Something that I think is in that case.”

“Haven’t we moved past the obvious?” His voice is cold and dry. Brianna slowly pours herself a drink, keeping her eyes on David. She’s ready to throw it, not drink it, if necessary. “You’re more than just a pretty face,” he remarks.

She smiles slightly. “That would be true.”

“Are you working for somebody or do you work alone?”

“There’s only one of me here tonight.” She pauses, “It doesn’t sound like you’re completely without plots yourself.”

“You’re the one breaking into my cabinet,” David’s voice raises slightly.

:She shrugs, “I’m just calling it how I see it.”

David suddenly moves very quickly and is standing almost nose-to-nose in front of her. “I grow tired of these games.”

“Are we playing?”

“I’m not.”

“Neither am I.”

“What is it that you want?”

Brianna’s tone is matter of fact. “You have a drink in there I want. A fifty-year old bottle of Glenfiddich. I hear it fetches quite a pretty penny. I’m not interested in whatever you’ve been serving people in that green decanter of yours.” Brianna notices that David’s eyes now have a slight cant to them, almost feline in nature, and a slight blue hazy glow surrounds him.

“Then you’re just a petty thief.” His voice is disgusted.

“If you don’t want people stealing from you, I guess you could just give it to me.”

“I think not.”

Things start to move very quickly. Brianna pulls a nail from her pocket and swings at David. She manages to hit his hand with it, searing his skin, but then she drops the nail and it rolls to the floor. In return, a cold blast shoots at her from David’s hands, but Brianna manages to dodge out of the way. A set of dragonfly wings suddenly emerge from his back, illuminated in a blue glow.

Brianna punches him hard. David looks clearly surprised by her speed and strength. A long, nasty-looking dagger is suddenly in his hand and he slashes her.

She punches him again, bloodying his nose. He misses her.

Brianna hits him once more and suddenly David isn’t there. She hits out at the air where he was standing, but nothing is there. She turns her head around, trying to see if she can hear him. Nothing.

She quickly heads to the cabinet, grabs the edge, and yanks hard. She painfully bounces off the ward. Snarling, she tries again. A blast of cold, icy power rushes out at her. She dodges most of the blast, but still feels chilled. The door hangs open, the lock broken. Brianna quickly peers through the bottles and spots the Glenfiddich. She grabs it, wrapping it in her jacket, and heads for the window.

She starts shimmying down the gutter as fast as she can, but loses her grip almost immediately. Brianna manages to tuck and roll, cradling the Glenfiddich to her chest, and hits the ground unhurt. As she stands, she sees flashing red and blue lights nearby.

Moving with supernatural speed, she dodges between buildings and down alleys, heading for her car. She can hear the wail of distant police sirens as she drives off. She passes a police car, which suddenly turns to follow her, its lights on. Brianna lets out a steady stream of curses, trying to lose her pursuer.

She barely does, pulling into a narrow side street and killing the engine and lights. Brianna realizes she’s going to have to abandon her car for now. She grabs everything she owns from it, including her insurance information and the box of nails, and heads out. Muttering darkly, she starts walking towards her apartment building.

Pulling out her phone, she calls Sam Jones. The events of the evening have made her hungry and angry. As soon as he picks up, she lays into him. “I don’t care what time of the night it is, you’re going to come get this fucking bottle from me as soon as fucking possible. If it needs to be delivered to Hubbard himself, then we’re going to his fucking house right now. I don’t care what sort of fucking Fae orgy he’s got going on at his house at fucking 4:00 in the morning, he’s getting his glass of whiskey now!”

“Somebody’s cranky.”

“Somebody’s being chased by fucking cops, so get me the hell off the street and let me get this bottle to your boss.”

“Well, we need to arrange a drop.”

“Then let’s do that! It’s cold out here and I’m carrying your damn whiskey around in my coat!”

“Alright, alright! Don’t get excited. There’s a bus station,” he gives her an address, “and there’s a locker. Put the bottle in there. Easy peasy.”

“It better fucking be,” she growls and hangs up.

It’s a very long walk to the bus station. Brianna puts her coat on and hides the bottle under it. She eventually gets to the locker and makes the drop. It’s nearly 6:00 in the morning at this point, so Brianna calls Joey to come pick her up. Once back in the apartment, she crawls into bed and falls asleep.



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