The Dresden Files: Portland

Taking a Dive (Part Four)

Karkana Chronicles Twenty-One

September 28, 2013 (Saturday, 2:00 am)

Brianna continues to watch the building through the night. Midway through her shift, she texts Joey to let him know that she’s okay. Right around dawn, as Brianna readies herself to leave, two large men come out and get into the bigger car. They are not the same goons that she saw before, but they are of a similar build. She makes note of their licence plate number.

After the car drives away, Brianna takes a taxi back to her apartment building to shower before heading into work. The records office is dark, but she notices that Calvin is also at work. He looks up and salutes her. Brianna raises a hand at him, then heads to her desk.

She tries to look up Aquarian Enterprises again, but only manages to locate a yellow page ad for it under import/export businesses. Her computer has access to a license plate database, so she runs the number from the goons’ car. She gets a hit for Gordon Lydon. Brianna then searches the internet for references to Gordon Lydon, but has no luck at all. She tries to search for a map that would pull up nearby businesses, but can’t seem to find anything.

Tired and extremely frustrated, Brianna heads downstairs to the gym. She changes into workout clothes and hits the bag, trying to physically work out her anger. In the background, she can faintly hear the sound of gunshots in the firing range. After a while, she feels a bit calmer. After she showers and changes back into her work clothes, Brianna finds a voicemail on her cell phone.

The message is from Roy Dale. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to find very much. Aquarian Enterprises is a privately-held company, so not a lot of information is public. He was able to find an address, which matches the warehouse on the waterfront. The rest of what he found also duplicated the information that Brianna already had. She texts Roy to let him know that she received his message. Before heading back to her desk, Brianna decides to wander through the gun range and see who’s down here on a weekend. It’s Malcolm Rupert.

Not wanting to approach Rupert from behind when he has a gun in his hands, Brianna slouches on a nearby bench to wait. It seems that Rupert is distracted as his aim is quite off. He retrieves his target, wadding up the paper in disgust. Rupert puts up another target, but doesn’t notice Brianna sitting nearby.

Still not wanting to startle him, Brianna pulls out her phone and sends Rupert a text. “So, you’re here on a Saturday as well?”

Rupert stops and checks his phone, then puts away his gun, slowly turning to spot Brianna for the first time. He takes off his headgear, then walks over to where she sits.

“Any progress?”

“I just did an all-night stakeout down at the docks.”


Brianna looks at him. “Is it safe to speak here?”


Brianna shrugs and describes what she’s found and what she’s seen. She sees a brief flicker of recognition in Rupert’s eyes when she mentions the bad smelling men. “Does that ring a bell for you?” she asks.

“It might, but I’m not certain.”

“Okay. If there’s something I need to know, I’m trusting that you’re going to tell me.” Brianna continues going over the night’s events, finishing by saying, “I’m going back again tonight. I just wanted to come in and do a little research. I just didn’t get very far.” She pauses, “Does the name Aquarian Enterprises mean anything to you?”


“I checked the files that you gave me earlier, but anything current was completely missing. Do you have any knowledge that would connect the two agents to this business?”

Rupert frowns. “No. But I find it very interesting that anything recent in their files is gone.”

Brianna’s brow furrows slightly. “I assumed that you already looked at the files. Is that unusual? For the recent cases to be missing? Because office gossip says there’s a conspiracy afoot that goes all the way to the top.” She looks more closely at Rupert and realizes that the man is genuinely surprised about the missing information.

“You’re here because there’s suspicion of a mole.”


“Someone who had access to that file removed information.”

“You know this organization a lot better than I do. Who would have access to that information? I’m guessing not a lot.”

“Not a lot,” Rupert confirms.

“Can I get a list of the people who would have that clearance?”

“It sounds like you need to speak to records.”

“She doesn’t like me. She’s just pissed I got access to the files. Having people angry at me doesn’t hurt my feelings very much, it just makes it more difficult to get information.” Brianna sighs, “I take it Ms. Ramos will be back in on Monday?”

Rupert nods.

“Alright then. Now I’m going to figure out how to get into this warehouse.”



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