Edgar Abel

Killer on the Road



High Concept

Killer on the Road


The Voices Never Stop

Other Aspects

Crazy Like a Fox
Desperately Seeking
Victimized Victimizer


Superb (+5) :
Great (+4) : Intimidation, Burglary
Good (+3) : Fists, Stealth
Fair (+2) : Weapons, Alertness
Average (+1) : Athletics, Craftsmanship

Stunts & Powers

  • Paranoid? Probably (Alertness) : Gain +2 to Alertness for Surprise
  • Car Mechanic (Craftsmanship) : +2 when dealing with a car/truck or +1 on other personal vehicles (boats, motorcycles, small aircraft)
  • Jury-Riggger (Craftsmanship) : When jury-rigging, repairs last two scenes longer
  • Subtle Menace (Intimidation) : When context of power is absent or victim is actually in superior position, victim gets no advantage bonus
  • You Don’t Want Any of This (Intimidation) : +2 to Brush-Off
  • Blend In (Stealth) : +2 to blend into crowd with Stealth or Shadowing
  • Swift and Silent (Stealth) : When Skulking, any difficulty increases due to fast movement are reduced by up to two
Powers (Cost)



Physical : O O
Mental : O O
Social : O O

Armor, Etc.


  • Aspect :
  • Aspect :
  • Aspect :
  • Aspect :
Power Level:

Feet In the Water

Skill Cap : Great
Total Skill Points Spent : 20
Total Skill Points Available : 0
Base Refresh Level : 8
Adjusted Refresh : 1


Was kidnapped by a serial killer in Portland when he was 5 years old (1987)
• Killer, Ronald Feeney, used ritualistic styles in his killings
• Edgar was rescued by FBI/Portland police before he became victim but after he witnessed Feeney’s last killing, that of a 17 year old woman (Carol Ann Mosby).
• Feeney was killed in the raid that rescued Edgar
• Feeney’s hideout was on Government Island near the Gateway…
• Abel was in and out of institutions since his ordeal, diagnosed with schizophrenia and bi-polar disorders. Has a history of violent behavior but no homicides.
• Has since “found a calling” and is making his way to Portland. He was last seen in Oklahoma.
• Killed Brendon Adams, Lyst Cathers, Joel Hahn

Was whisked away from his hideout on Government Island by Hubbard. His brief jaunt through the Nevernever broke his fragile mind, causing him to completely mad, thwarting Hubbard’s plan to use him. At Hubbard’s home, he witnesses the confrontation between the Winter fae: first Abby Miyazaki and Gordon Smith versus Hubbard then the arrival of Trevidian. Abby convinces Hubbard to help them against Trevidian to protect Abel and Trevidian retreats to the Nevernever. He returns with Queen Mab herself, who punishes Abby Miyazaki for her foolishness with a cold scar on her face. Then she takes Trevidian back to Arctis Tor.

Gordon and Abby collect Abel to deliver to the mortal authorities, as they had bargained, leaving Hubbard behind.

Edgar Abel

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