Ezekiel George

Beleaguered Warden



High Concept

Beleaguered Warden

Other Aspects

The Red Court Killed My Mom
Child Prodigy
Seattle is my Home


Superb (+5) : Conviction
Great (+4) : Discipline, Weapons
Good (+3) : Alertness, Athletics, Endurance, Fists, Lore
Fair (+2) : Contacts, Stealth, Presence, Investigation
Average (+1) : Guns, Rapport, Intimidation, Driving

Stunts & Powers

Stunts (Skill)
Powers (Cost)
  • Evocation (-3)
  • Thaumaturgy (-3)
  • The Sight (-1)
  • Soulgaze (0)
  • Wizard’s Constitution (0)
  • Refinement (-1)

Evocation: Elements (Air, Water, Spirit): Control (Spirit +1), Power (Spirit +1)

Thaumaturgy: Complexity (Divination +1)

Rote Spells (3)

Steam Jet
Type: Water Offensive (Water)
Power: 5
Duration: one exchange
Opposed by: Opponent’s blocks, or failing that, Athletics
Effect: For those who much prefer water to fire, consider this to be a more versatile variant of Fuego! A tightly controlled jet of steam (essentially, water boiling so hard that it is a gas) blasts into an enemy. On an exact success (no shifts of damage), places a “Soaked” maneuver Aspect on the target…handy if there happens to be a cryomancy or electrical wire sitting nearby…Because steam is a gas, it gets absolutely everywhere.

Zone of Truth
Type: Spirit Evocation, Block
Power: 5 shifts – 3 for block, 2 to effect the entire zone
Duration: 1 exchange
Area: One zone
Effect: spell creates a block against Deceit that encompasses the entire zone.

Type: Spirit Evocation, Offensive Maneuver
Power: 5 Shifts
Target: One Zone
Opposed by: Alertness
Effect: It’s a magical flash-bang. Anyone who gets hit gets the aspect ‘Blinded and Deafened’
Variations: You could make this a one-target spell, but it’d be kinda pointless.

Focus Items

Staff (+ 1 Offensive Power, + 1 Offensive Control for Air/Water) (Evocation Focus)

Enchanted Items

Warden Sword: Cuts through anything (Weapon:3 sword at minimum); 3 times/session acts as either a Fantastic (+6) counterspell or a Weapon:6 item; uses two slots.

Bracelet Buckler: (Strength: 3, Use 3 times per session)

  • Provides a +3 (Good) spirit block vs. physical attacks.
  • Looks like a native bracelet


Physical : O O O O
Mental : O O O O
Social : O O O

Armor, Etc.


  • Aspect :
  • Aspect (Mental)
  • Aspect :
  • Aspect :
  • Aspect :

Available Refresh

Available Refresh: 1


Ezekiel George was born to magic. His mother was a Warden of the White Council. His father was a native shaman. He showed the “spark” and began training under his mother as a precocious twelve year old. He hoped to become a wizard to help his people, bring joy and wonder to the world, and commune deeper with the elements.

Then, his mother was killed by Red Court vampires. This changed everything.

Ezekiel’s tutelage was given to another Warden and he took to it like a duck to water. He had a new purpose in life—protect people from the monsters. Protect other boys mothers and fathers from the depredations of the Red Court.

After his apprenticeship, he served as assigned Seattle as his new district. He adopted it as his home.

Since coming to Seattle, he has butted heads with Alfonse Velasquez numerous times and lived to tell the tale. He is nearly in over his head with the Vampire War going on and Seattle, he fears, is losing. He has employed the aid of the local were community to help him keep control, but its going to be a long war filled with many small battles.

Ezekiel George

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