Winter Sidhe


Hubbard is a Sidhe of the Winter Court. He was the chief rival of Trevidian, the former envoy to Portland. He has an irrational hatred of Trevidian and has been working to ensure that the murder of Lyst Cathers isn’t solved. Not only is this a dishonor to Trevidian, but will be an embarrassment for Abby Miyazaki, the current envoy.

To this end, he has employed a wyldfae gruff named Valen to thwart the investigation at every turn.

UPDATE: Now that Valen has been turned over to Verikai and is out of the picture, and Trevidian has been freed from his prison, Hubbard plans to try and figure out who the murderer is and reach out and help him. He has been using Jerry Hines to follow Thomas Casing and is aware of the stake out on Government Island.

On Government Island, Hubbard rescued Edgar Abel from the police and took him to his home in Northwest Portland, in the Skyline neighborhood. There, they’ve been hiding from the authorities, though Abel has been becoming more and more unstable…

Apparently, Abel’s brief jaunt through the Nevernever unhinged his already fragile mind and he has become completely unusable. Hubbard doesn’t know what to do with him. He gets a phone call from his contact, Jerry Hines, that trouble is one its way in the form of Tom Casing. Hines apparently was cornered by Casing and had to send the dogged cop Hubbard’s way. Hubbard isn’t particularly worried about one mortal cop.

Trouble does come for Hubbard, however, in the form of Gordon Smith and Abby Miyazaki, who arrive at his home unexpectedly and want Abel. That’s just fine with Hubbard, he’s ready to wash his hands of the madman. Then Trevidian arrives and wants to kill Abel. Abby and Gordon seem to want to prevent that. Abby appeals to Hubbard’s need to thwart Trevidian to help them, and does. Trevidian retreats to the Nevernever. He then returns with Queen Mab herself, who takes Abby to task for the deal “foolish” deal she made with Dillon Krister. The Queen marks the Envoy’s face with a cold scar as a reminder of her foolishness and takes Trevidian back to Arctis Tor.

Abby and Gordon take the madman off Hubbard’s hands and leave him be…for now.

UPDATE: Hubbard, after taking an interest in buying off fighters in “the Pits”, has made an arrangement with Brianna Karkana to have her work for him for a year and a day.

UPDATE: After an encounter with Brianna and Thomas Cromwell, in which Cromwell shoved a handful of iron nails in his face, Hubbard now has a small series of scars on his right cheek.


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