Jerome Barton

Murderer's Ghost


High Aspect: Murderer’s Ghost
Other Aspects: Tormented, Ashamed


Alertness +1
Athletics +1
Conviction +3
Intimidation +2
Presence +2
Stealth +3


Incite Emotion (Fear, Lasting Emotion) [-2]
Spirit Form [-3]
Swift Transition (No Mortal Home) [-1]
Physical Immunity [-8]
The Catch [+2]


Mental OOOO
Physical OO
Social OOO

Average initiative. Average attack and defense. Incite Emotion can be used on a target by touch, with a Fair Weapon:2 strength attack on the Mental stress track. Jerome can ramp this up to a Great attack if he distorts his spirit form.


Jerome Barton was the husband of Maggie Barton and the father of Toby Barton.

Back in 1933, after his wife went mad and murdered their son, Toby, Jerome murdered his wife, dismembering her and burying her parts in the walls of the house. He and his family had been haunting the house ever since—until they were all disrupted by the ectomancer Angelica Underwood.

Jerome Barton

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