Lau Hu Chen

Tiger of the Shaolin



High Concept : Tiger of the Shaolin

Invoke : Tiger-like aspects, martial arts/buddhism
Compel : Fighting the change, Honor of the temple at stake

Trouble : Temper, Temper

Invoke : Calling upon righteous anger
Compel : Letting temper get in the way

Shamed Only Son

Invoke : Redemptive actions to/for Father
Compel : Ashamed to use powers, Connection to family

Righteous Fists of Fury

Invoke : Fighting for the right side
Compel : Controlling rage, fighting for the right side

The Warrior’s Fist Ripples the Pond

Invoke : Causing conflicts
Compel : Causing conflicts

Blood Is Thicker Than Water

Invoke : Fighting, etc. for family
Compel : Family in harm’s way, etc.

Skills (Human)

Superb (+5) :
Great (+4) : Discipline, Fists
Good (+3) : Athletics, Weapons
Fair (+2) : Alertness, Endurance, Might, Stealth
Average (+1) : Survival, Lore, Conviction, Scholarship, Empathy, Contacts

Skills (Changed)

Superb (+5) :
Great (+4) : Alertness, Fists
Good (+3) : Stealth, Survival
Fair (+2) : Might, Endurance, Athletics
Average (+1) : Lore, Conviction, Scholarship, Discipline, Weapons, Empathy, Contacts

Stunts & Powers


Acrobat (Athletics): Gain +1 when using Athletics to survive a fail or to dodge ranged attacks

Martial Artist (Fists): Use skill as knowledge and perception skill focused on unarmed fighting. Make assessments and declaration (see Aspects) related to fighting styles and fighting culture. Gain +1 to such rolls

Powers (Cost)

Beast Change (-1) : Tiger

Echos of the Beast (-1) [Beast Senses; Beast Trappings; Beast Friend]

  • +1 Smell

Inhuman Strength (-2)

Human Form (+1)

Inhuman Toughness (-2) Unavailable in human form

  • Catch (+2): Vulnerable to silver


Physical : O O O [O O]
Mental : O O O
Social : O O

Armor, Etc.


  • Aspect :
  • Aspect :
  • Aspect :
  • Aspect :
Power Level:

Up To Your Waist

Skill Cap : Great
Total Skill Points Spent : 25
Total Skill Points Available : 0
Base Refresh Level : 7
Adjusted Refresh : 2
FP From Last Session : 0
Current Fate Points : 2


Birthday: March 2



Young Lau Hu was raised in rural China by his father, Sheng. His mother, Lian, died when he was two years old. When young Lau was eight years old, his father received an opportunity to go to America and live with his brother, Ang, in Portland, Oregon. Unfortunately, Sheng could not afford to take his son with him. Sheng had another brother, Xiao, who was a monk at the Shaolin Monastery in Henan. As they had no other relatives, Sheng took his son to the monastery to live with Xiao, who gladly took in his young nephew. Sheng then immigrated to Portland and opened a small grocery in that city’s Chinatown.

Growing up in the monastery had many benefits. Lau Hu soon proved to be a capable student of the martial arts and assisted the monks in their various exhibitions that were held to raise money for the monastery. He was the darling of the local school—bright, studious, and diligent. He was the golden boy of the monastery…at least until he turned 13.

The first time he turned into a tiger was on the practice floor of the temple’s gymnasium. He was being beat by another student and his anger got the best of him. The transformation, fortunately, frightened him as much as it did the other student and no one was hurt. But it changed the way the monks looked on him from that point. Some saw him as cursed, either by blood or by a vengeful spirit. Others looked upon him as gifted by the Buddha with special Qi. These monks, including his uncle Xiao, tried to help young Lau master himself and his Qi. Nevertheless, though the monks continued to let him live in the monastery, Lau Hu was now an outsider.

When he was 17, the warriors of the monastery left for an exhibition tour of the Americas. Lau Hu was excited because one of the stops would be Portland. He would get to see his father after so many years. He had many questions for him concerning his strange shifting abilities. Was it hereditary? Did his father know it would happen? Ang had no answers for him—perhaps his father would.

When the two met, things were instantly awkward. It had been a long time since Sheng had left the boy with his uncle in Henan. Nevertheless, Sheng seemed proud of his son’s hard-won martial arts prowess and acrobatic skills. But when Lau finally spoke to his father about what he could do, what he could become, Sheng did not want to hear it. He was ashamed of his son—ashamed that Lau had been cursed. Even when Xiao tried to explain to Sheng that what Lau could do was a gift from the Buddha, Sheng would have none of it.

Phase Aspect: Shamed Only Son

Rising Conflict

Shaolin warrior

Back at the temple, Lau continued to train and live with the monks. They were still conflicted about Lau’s status as cursed or blessed, but allowed him to practice in peace. Xiao continued to train the weretiger to discipline his mind and his anger, to control the changes that had come over him.

In the meantime, the monastery found itself attacked by vampires of the Jade Court. The foul creatures sneaked into the temple complex and begin slaughtering the monks. Here, Lau wasfaced with a choice: stay, fight, and embrace his inner beast. Or flee, taking his honor with him.

He chose to fight.

Both as a man and as a beast, he stood by side with the monks and ferociously defended the monastery from the vampire threat.

Phase Aspect: Righteous Fists of Fury

First Adventure: Way of the Tiger

Tiger roar

Now living in Portland with his father and Uncle Ang, Lau Hu draws the ire of a local gang by defending his uncle from their protection scheme. This act draws the attention a local gang lord with ties to the supernatural underworld. Can Lau defend his family, and himself, against vicious gangbangers, a corrupt politician, and a vengeful warrior spirit?

Phase Aspect: The Warrior’s Fist Ripples the Pond

Guest Starring: Secrets in the Suburbs

As Angelica Underwood investigates the origins a malevolent spirit, she draws the attention of a sadistic Chinese sorceror and his thuggish associate. Lau Hu warns Angelica against crossing such a powerful opponent, but gets drawn into the fight himself when his own family is threatened.

Phase Aspect: Blood Is Thicker Than Water

Lau Hu Chen

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