Nerise Patel

House Raith Operative



High Concept

House Raith Operative

Other Aspects

Business is Pleasure
Home is Far Away


Superb (+5)
Great (+4) : Performance (Dance)
Good (+3) : Contacts, Deceit, Discipline, Endurance, Presence, Rapport
Fair (+2) : Alertness, Fists, Intimidation, Stealth
Average (+1) : Empathy, Guns, Lore

Stunts & Powers

Stunts (Cost)
Powers (Cost)

Emotional Vampire [-1]
Human Guise [-0]
Incite Emotion (Lasting Emotion) [-2]: Lust
Feeding Dependency [+1]

  • Inhuman Strength [-2]
  • Inhuman Speed [-2]
  • Inhuman Recovery [-2]
    • The Catch [+0] : True Emotion (True Love)


Physical : O O O O
Mental : O O
Social : O O O O
Hunger : O O O O


Often upgrade their Incite Emotion with “At Range” at least, or pick up a second emotion if they’ve spent time with a house other than their own. Weapon:2 strength, Fantastic initiative, Great defense, and Fair attacks in a fight—though their attack capability improves significantly (perhaps rising to as much as Great) if they have any combat training. Many of the White Court prefer to act through others, however.


  • Aspect :
  • Aspect :
  • Aspect :
  • Aspect :
Power Level:

Total Refresh Cost : -8


Nerise Patel was raised by House Raith in Chicago. She does not know her parents, nor does she know what House they belonged to. When Nerise came of age, she was sent to Portland to oversee the House’s interests there. Since then, she has done well, maintaining a lucrative club and seeing to it that the other White Court vampires are well-fed.

Nerise is a ruthless businesswoman who loves her job.

UPDATE (Jan 1, 2014): Nerise and her associate Clive are currently on the run, as a Peregrine Raith has enacted a coup and taken all of her Portland holdings from her. She is still in contact with Brianna Karkana.

Nerise Patel

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