Nick Salieri

Force of One



High Concept : Force of One (Kinetomancer)

Invoke : Discipline, Evocation, Thaumaturgy
Compel : To have to work alone, to work only with Spirit/Force

Trouble : Something to Prove

Invoke : Proving a point
Compel : Having to prove a point


Invoke : Ensuring not left alone
Compel : When having to abandon someone

Founder of the Portland Paranet

Invoke : With Contacts on supernatural aid
Compel : Trying to keep a low profile in the community

Blood Is Thicker Than Water

Invoke : Protecting/Helping family
Compel : Help family at cost of others

I Know Things

Invoke : Lore, Scholarship
Compel : May claim to know more, or assume more, than actually known

I Can Help, Dammit!

Invoke : Assisted Skill rolls, Wants to be helpful
Compel : May help when not really needed or wanted


Superb (+5) : Discipline
Great (+4) : Conviction
Good (+3) : Alertness, Contacts
Fair (+2) : Endurance, Stealth, Rapport, Presence, Lore
Average (+1) : Athletics, Fists, Resources, Craftsmanship, Guns

Stunts & Powers

Stunts (Cost)

I Know Just the Guy [Contacts] : When using Gathering Information trapping, gain +1 to roll and 1 tie increment faster.

Powers (Cost)
  • Channeling (-2) : Element = Spirit/Kinetomancy (Force)
  • Ritual (-2) : Crafting focus
  • Wizard’s Constitution (0)
  • The Sight (-1)
  • Refinement (-1): +1 Power Bonus to Channeling / +1 Control Bonus to Channeling
Focus Items:
  • Gris-Gris Bag (+1 Defensive Conviction Evocation [Spirit])
  • Bone Wand (+1 Offensive Discipline Evocation [Spirit])
Enchanted Items/Potions
  • Diedre’s Ring (Force Shield [Armor:3]) : Copper wire with emerald; Recharge in bag of bone dust… (usable 2x per session)
Rote Spells
  • “Pousser” Force Push (5 shifts)—Offensive Attack Exchange
  • “Tirez” Force Pull (5 shifts) — Offensive Maneuver Exchange


Physical : O O O
Mental : O O O O
Social : O O O

Armor, Etc.


  • Aspect :
  • Aspect :
  • Aspect :
  • Aspect :
Power Level:
  • Up to Your Waist

Base Refresh Level : 9
Adjusted Refresh : 3



Rising Conflict—Nick
First Adventure—Nick
Guest Starring—Nick
Guest Starring Redux—Nick

Nick has become a leading force in the Portland supernatural community, trying to band various practitioners together to form the Portland branch of the Paranet. He no longer works alone, but with others to make the community a better place.

Birthday: February 22

Nick Salieri

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