Toby Barton

Ghost of a murdered child


High Aspect: Ghost of a Murdered Child
Other Aspects: Enraged, Baffled


Conviction +5
Intimidation +4


Incite Emotion (Fear, At Range, Lasting Emotion) [-3]
Spirit Form [-3]
Swift Transition (No Mortal Home) [-1]
Physical Immunity [-8]
The Catch [+2]


Mental OOOO
Physical OO
Social OO

  • +1 Mild mental consequence slot

Average initiative. Average attack and defense. Incite Emotion can be used any target in the cellar, with a Superb Weapon:2 strength attack on the Mental stress track. Toby can ramp this up to an Epic attack if he distorts his spirit form.


Toby Barton was the son of Jerome Barton and Maggie Barton. He was murdered in 1933 by his mother who was suffering from a fit of madness brought on by her nascent powers of the Sight and by postpartum depression. Since then, he and his family have haunted the Barton House until they were disrupted by the ectomancer Angelica Underwood.

Toby Barton

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