Crystal Ball

Scrying/Divination Device


Crystal Ball:

This crystal ball on a wooden base is rather opaque until activated with a True Name or drop of blood or some other symbolic link to a person or place. Then the cloudiness dissipates showing a scene.

Spell Provided: Essentially an extended divination spell of Complexity 6 for one scene, once per session (see page 297). A symbolic link to the target is required (blood, hair, True Name, etc.). The viewer may project a nearly-invisible spectral projection at the monitoring’s point of view—this could tip off an unaware but observant target. Uses 3 enchanted item slots. It can be used once per session.


This device is currently in the possession of Big Jim Butler. It is currently being sought by Malcolm Rupert. It was stolen from Rupert by Brianna Karkana and Joey Aragon. [Current=February 2013]

Crystal Ball

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