The Dresden Files: Portland

Scenario Five: Session One

Days of Future Past: Part One

October 21, 2012

Northwest Portland, Near Saint Andre Bessette Catholic Church

After getting back to the shelter at Saint Andre’s, Dillon changes his clothes with what’s available in the donation bin. He selects a blue-gray flannel shirt and ripped jeans. Then he goes to meet with Reverend Buxman for lunch.

While the two discuss the various cases that Dillon has been working on, including the conclusion to this morning’s excursion, Dillon notices that a man sitting in the bar area is staring intensely in their direction. The man is bald and well-dressed and doesn’t let his attention waver from the two men having lunch. Dillon points him out to Buxman, who says that he doesn’t know the man.

Dillon and Reverend Buxman finish their meal and head out of the restaurant. Dillon lingers behind a bit to see if the man from the bar follows them. Sure enough, the man emerges from the restaurant and starts following the priest. Dillon follows.

The man turns suddenly into a nearby alleyway—Dillon’s been made! Dillon runs up to the man and introduces himself. The bald man turns and faces him, quirking an eyebrow in inquiry. “Hutton,” he says, by way of introduction.

“What do you want with Reverend Buxman?” Dillon asks.

“We are. . . old acquaintances.”

“Well, if so, why don’t we go and say hello?”

Hutton smiles and says “I will see him soon.” He then turns and continues down the alley. Dillon feels that he is both amused and evasive, and the man’s intense green eyes give him the creeps.

As soon as the other man is out of sight, Dillon calls the Reverend to inform him of the encounter. Buxman has never seen the man before and knows no one named Hutton. However, he will keep on the lookout for him, as the entire affair is very strange and troubling.

Dillon calls Yuriko and arranges to meet at a bus stop to go visit Elder Eaglestaff in the hospital. He tells her of his encounter. For her part, Yuriko is troubled as well.

Northeast Portland, Hospital

At the hospital, the two are able to visit alone with Elder Eaglestaff. He lies in bed surrounded by flowers brought to him by friends and family from the NAYA center.

The Elder believes that he was attacked by a Shadowwing, an evil hunter-killer of legend. It is possible that Killian Eris had summoned the creature to dispatch his enemies. The three discuss various possibilities of where or how Eris is going to complete his plan, whatever it may be. Elder Eaglestaff believes that he is using a place of power on Wyeast to complete his rituals. If they could find that, then perhaps they could stop him.

As he is still recovering, the old man recommends they contact another Elder, Jack Sigo, and gives them his number. He is aware of what is going on with Eris—he was with Elder Eaglestaff when they confronted Eris about his actions.

After meeting with the Elder, Dillon calls Jack Sigo and arranges to meet as his home at 8:00 pm.

Southeast Portland, Barry’s Drafthouse

As they expected, Dillon and Yuriko find John Daymar inside Barry’s Drafthouse at his usual booth.

Yuriko asks the diviner about the possibility of creating a “magical Geiger counter” to use to find the place of power that Eris may be using to complete his ritual. Daymar doesn’t think he could that—magic doesn’t really work that way. Magical power would really only gather if it was brought to a certain point. But it is possible to construct a ritual to find a power “beacon”—that is, if he is using a magical confluence point to conduct his ritual, it may be sending off a great deal of energy, energy that could be detected by the ritual. It would be especially effective is performed while Eris was gathering power. Despondent at their chances of finding Eris, the two leave the diviner at the bar.

As they leave, Dillon calls Sabrina Manheim and arranges for her to have dinner with them at Yuriko’s apartment in the Pearl District.

Northwest Portland, Yuriko’s Apartment

Yuriko invites the Red Court Infectee/Police Detective into her home. Dinner has been prepared and she, Sabrina, and Dillon gather around Yuriko’s dining table.

Dillon gives the detective a description of “Hutton” and asks if she can look into him. She agrees that what he describes of their encounter is disturbing and says that she will check him out. He also asks her to get involved in the Danielle Fletcher case—especially regarding the potential involvement of Killian Eris. The two also discuss the details of the case, including the discovery of bone shards in the stab wound on the body of Ms. Fletcher. She says that she will do what she can, but it is not her case—that could take some time. Dillon warns Sabrina that they believe Eris will kill again on the 30th—the next full moon. After their discussion, Dillon sees her out.

North Portland, Jack Sigo’s House

Jack Sigo lives in an older, industrial neighborhood of NoPo. Yuriko and Dillon arrive to an older home with a battered Jeep Cherokee parked out front. A middle-aged Native American man answers the door with Southern Comfort on his breath. Sigo genially invites them inside and offers them a drink, stating that “Paul” (Elder Eaglestaff) has told him about them. They discuss the Eris situation at length. They also discuss the various ways that they could find where Eris is performing his ritual. Sigo believes that if they found a place of power that he could sense it, but without a lead as to where to look, they’d end up combing the entire mountain.

Dillon texts Sabrina regarding the details of Danielle Fletcher’s death on Mount Hood. Then he calls Tom Casing to get the actual location where Fletcher’s body was found. Tom sends an image of a diagram of the mountain and the body’s location to Yuriko‘s phone. Dillon then contacts Sabrina again to get her to focus on Eris and Hutton, versus Danielle Fletcher (as they already have the information they need from Tom). Sigo agrees to take Dillon and Yuriko out to the mountain tomorrow to visit the site where Fletcher’s body was found and to look for Eris’ ritual site.

October 22, 2012

Mount Hood

Dillon and Yuriko take a cab out to Jack Sigo’s place and the three load up into his battered, old Jeep Cherokee and head to the mountain.

They take one of the trails as high as they can go in the Jeep and then park to get out and hike up to the ridge where Danielle Fletcher’s body was found. Once on the ridge, Jack sits down and meditates for a time, mumbling softly to himself. After a few minutes of contemplation, the Elder rises and starts leading them up a trail. After a few false turns and double-backs, the trail eventually leads them to a large fissure in the side of the mountain. Dillon goes inside, undeterred by the darkness thanks to his preternatural senses.

Inside the fissure, Dillon finds a chamber with a worn stone table at its center. There are bloodstains on the table. The walls have been painted somewhat recently with various whirls and symbols. Dillon goes out and borrows Yuriko‘s phone to take pictures of the symbols on the walls. Jack’s questions about how Dillon is able to see inside without a flashlight go unanswered. Dillon returns with pictures of the cave paintings. These he shows to Jack, who identifies them as ancient symbols of earth and of breaking. He believes that what Eris is doing is breaking powerful elemental seals, seals meant to be kept closed by the rituals performed by the Elders each moon. That it is of earth could explain the earthquakes—he succeeded in breaking the earth seal with the death of Danielle Fletcher. He will continue to work on the others until whatever power is here is no longer held in check.

Dillon asks Jack what the Elders intend to do now about Eris. Will they work to stop him on their own? Let the police handle it? Let other outside forces handle it? Jack says that he will need to discuss this with the others—there has been no demonstration of such power in his generation. The three then make a beeline back to the Jeep and head down off the mountain and back into the city.

Northwest Portland, Powell’s Bookstore

Dillon and Yuriko find Aleister in the Rare Book Room in Powell’s. They offer to buy him a coffee for a bit of private conversation. He agrees, though it is obvious he has reservations.

The two ask him about how Wardens would react to a hypothetical situation such as has arisen with Killian Eris. Would they allow the police to simply handle the murders involved our would they step in directly and hold the practitioner? Can the police hold a practitioner? The former Warden tells them that the Wardens would act as both judge and executioner in such a case and that what is taking place in the hypothetical situation clearly violates the Laws of Magic. Whether or not the person would stand before the White Council or be executed on site depends upon the situation at hand and the Warden in question. Further, Aleister intimated that there are connections between the White Council and the Police Bureau. Further, he indicated that whether a practitioner could be held by the police varied according to the type of magic the practitioner specializes in. However, as they did not have access to many of the accoutrements of magic, it would be difficult for them to perform any rituals of much power from behind prison walls. The two thank the old man for his time and leave the bookstore.

Northwest Portland

As Dillon and Yuriko make their way toward Yuriko’s apartment, Sabrina Manheim calls Dillon. There is apparently a Missing Person’s file open on a Benjamin Hutton. It’s been five days since the man reported to work and one of his co-workers became worried and filed the report. She sends a picture of Hutton to Yuriko’s phone—it’s a match for the man that Dillon encountered the previous day, but with a couple of exceptions. In the photo, which was obviously taken at some office event, Hutton doesn’t look creepy at all—he seems downright happy. Further, he seems to have blue eyes instead of the intensely green ones that started at Dillon with such dark amusement in the alleyway. Sabrina also informs him that when detectives searched Hutton’s downtown home, they found a hidden door behind a bookcase that lead into a secret basement. Inside the basement, they found various occult paraphernalia and a pentagram painted upon the floor. She indicates that she can take him there tomorrow as a consultant, if Tom gives the okay—she doesn’t want to step on his toes with his occult consultant.

Once Dillon gets off the phone with Sabrina, he calls Reverend Buxman. He has Yuriko send him the photo of Hutton that Sabrina had provided. He then tells the priest about Hutton’s secret basement and the pentagram found within it. He also tells the priest about the apparent change in eye color. Is there anything he can think of that would change a person that distinctly?

Obviously shaken, Reverend Buxman says that, yes, he has encountered such a thing before. Some twenty years ago, with a fifteen-year-old boy named Daniel Holloway. The boy was possessed by a demon called Athralanax. He and his partner, a Reverend Beauvais, had exorcised the creature from the boy. While possessed, he underwent numerous physical changes—including a change in eye color. He warns Dillon to be careful of using the creature’s name and that he must immediately contact Reverend Beauvais. Dillon asks him what to expect of this possessed man. Buxman answers that he will be strong and quick and very cunning. He then hangs up so that he can contact Beauvais.

Now Yuriko’s phone rings—it is her cousin, Hana. She wants Yuriko to meet her new boyfriend, Armando. Can they swing by tonight on their way to the club? Yuriko says sure, they can come by around 7:00. She and Dillon continue on to her apartment, where they discuss these latest developments.

Northwest Portland, Yuriko’s Apartment

At 7:00 pm, someone rings the bell at Yuriko’s apartment. She answers the door to find her cousin Hana and an attractive Latino man standing in her doorway.

“Yuriko, this is Armando. My boyfriend.”

Armando takes Yuriko’s hand and kisses it. “It is a pleasure,” he says.

Yuriko invites the two inside while Hana insists that they can’t stay long; they are on their way to The Zoo. Apparently the two met there a couple of weeks ago—which would mean they met soon after Hana had arrived in Portland. They have been dating exclusively for the past few days.

Dillon gets a bad vibe off of Armando. He notices that the man’s eyes keep flicking to Dillon’s crucifix. Acting on a hunch, Dillon announces that he and Yuriko would like to come to The Zoo with them. They can all hang out together. This is obviously not something that Hana or Armando had planned on but they accept Dillon’s suggestion politely. Yuriko follows Dillon’s lead.

Northeast Portland, The Zoo

They all load up into Armando’s small sports car and head out to The Zoo.

The club, as usual, is very full and busy, but Armando manages to get them all past the long line of club-goers eagerly seeking entrance.

The group makes their way to one of the few available booths in the club. Dillon offers to get everyone drinks. He goes to the bar, gets everyone’s drink orders and then surreptitiously puts a dose of his saliva into Hana’s beverage. He brings the drinks back to the booth and distributes them. Hana takes a single sip of her drink and then goes a little dizzy and passes out.

Everyone is surprised and concerned for Hana. Dillon insists that they need to go and they’ll take Hana with them. He’s going to call for a ride. Armando is indignant, saying that he can take them to a hospital if they need to go, he’s right here. Dillon insists on calling for another ride. As Armando protests, offended, Dillon tells Yuriko to get Sabrina on the line. Yuriko does so, asking her to pick them up from the club and makes a point of indicating that Sabrina was a police detective. The entire time, Dillon and Armando eyeball each other.

As everyone rises to leave, Armando continues to protest. He doesn’t understand why they do not allow him to help. Dillon tells him “You need to get another mark.” Armando seems mystified. “You know what I’m talking about. Leave her alone.” He and Yuriko manage to maneuver Hana out of the club and wait near the valet parking area for Sabrina. Armando continues to push his way through the crowd toward them.

Finally, Sabrina arrives. The two friends carry Hana to the car and get inside, with Dillon sitting in the passenger seat. He points Armando out to Sabrina as he continues to make his way toward them. The detective takes a look at him and goes visibly pale. Then she turns the car and bolts from the parking lot as fast as she can.

Obviously concerned and confused, Dillon asks Sabrina what’s going on. She is pale and breathing heavy. “That was him. The one on the docks that night. The one that attacked me.”

Visibly shaken himself, realizing that he had stood up to a full-blood Red Court Vampire, Dillon tells Sabrina to take them to the church where they can regroup. . .



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