The Dresden Files: Portland

Scenario Five: Session Two

Days of Future Past: Part Two

October 22, 2012 (9:00 pm)

Sabrina, still shaken from recent events, manages to drive everyone to Saint Andre’s. Dillon leads everyone inside and they all meet Reverend Buxman in his office. For his part, Buxman is visibly agitated. Sabrina, upon entering the church, has become visibly uncomfortable, hugging herself and shaking.

The priest is introduced to Yuriko and Hana, though the latter is still unconscious. After a brief discussion, Buxman lets the two women take Hana to one of the side offices. Once the young woman is settled in, both Sabrina and Yuriko check her for any bites or indications that Armando was feeding on her. They find nothing and return to Reverend’s office. In the meantime, Dillon is catching the priest up on the current situation involving their confrontation with the Red Court vampire.

In the course of the conversation, there is speculation as to why Armando was dating Hana, and not feeding on her. He has proven capable of savage attacks (Sabrina‘s ordeal being the prime example of that). Why not Hana? Perhaps it is because she cannot be turned as she is not human. . . At this point, Yuriko reveals to Reverend Buxman that she, and her cousin, are kitsune—werefoxes. Buxman indicates that he has never heard of a non-human being changed into a vampire before. Perhaps Armando sensed that she was not human and was trying to suss out what she was—and if there were other potential threats like her in his territory. Nevertheless, it is possible that she has been made addicted to the Red Court vampire’s venom.

Suddenly, Yuriko realizes that Armando may have been to her parent’s house. In a panic, she calls her father. She tells him that Hana will be staying with her for a few days, doing “woodsy” things. Mr. Nakamoto seems to understanding her meaning. She asks if Hana had ever brought Armando by the house. He seems surprised that Hana has a boyfriend, and that, no, she had never brought him. He also indicates that Anzu would never approve of such behavior. Yuriko gives her father a description of Armando and tells him to “never let him in the house”. Her father seems a bit confused by the request but assures her that they will not.

Dillon asks the Reverend for any advice on confronting the vampire. He says that his only advice is not engage with him. Dillon insists that something must be done about him.

Dillon also inquires as to whether or not Buxman has been in contact with his friend, Beauvais, regarding the other looming problem with the demon-possessed Benjamin Hutton. There has been no contact as of yet. Yuriko wonders about informing Sabrina about the demon and Buxman gives them permission to catch her up on that situation. Right now, their only plan is to subdue and exorcise the demon—how to go about that has not been determined.

The group decides, with the priest‘s permission, to hide that night in the church. Sabrina, however, wants to go home. She gives them her address, in case they need to find her. Dillon makes her promise to call when she gets home. As the group settles into the church offices to sleep, Dillon gets that call—Sabrina’s fine.

October 23, 2012 (morning)

Yuriko and Dillon awake the next morning in the church. Soon, Hana stirs groggily from her slumber as the others watch over her.

“What happened to me?” Hana asks.

Yuriko slowly explains that she and the others got her out of the club and away from Armando because he was very dangerous. . . and a vampire. She also explains that that is why they are currently hiding in a church. Hana shakes her head, not believing her cousin, and realizes that her drink must have been dosed. Yuriko focuses on the danger of the situation and the need to get Hana away.

As Dillon observes the conversation, he starts to feel his preternatural hunger stir in response to Hana’s latent addiction to Red Court saliva and becomes alarmed. He is then drawn into the conversation as Yuriko tells Hana that Dillon knows first-hand about being attacked by such a creature. He acknowledges that, yes, he had been attacked by one before and that now he was a kind of half-breed, walking in both worlds. It is only through the power of faith that he has not succumbed to the power of the beast.

Hana still expresses doubts and Yuriko gives Dillon a look. He then sighs and extends his latent fangs. At first, Hana’s breath catches in her throat in fear—then she seems to become excited and breathless. She approaches Dillon and gently, sensuously, touches his face.

“Do you believe me, now?” Yuriko asks.

“I believe him,” Hana says.

Dillon extracts himself from the fascinated young woman and asks “What kind of relationship did you have with Armando?”

“We went to the clubs a lot, made out a few times. What are going to do now?”

Dillon looks sternly at Hana. “Don’t see Armando until we know what to do. He’s dangerous.”

Then Dillon and Yuriko discuss the defense of her apartment against such a creature, especially the relative strength of her threshold. They explain to a confused Hana the nature of the threshold and its defense against the supernatural. They hope that it will be enough to defend against the powerful—and now probably angry—vampire.

Dillon goes to talk to Reverend Buxman. Apparently Father Beauvais finally contacted him. There was a break-in at his house last night, but he if fine. Buxman filled Beauvais in on the situation with the demon. The two are going to meet at the church today at 1 pm. Dillon and the priest discuss the addictive nature of vampire venom and Dillon’s belief that Hana may be addicted. He describes to the priest her reaction to him this morning. According to the priest, the addiction to the venom in general, not necessarily the source, thus her reaction. She could recover from such an addiction over time and with some physical reaction—just like recovering from drug addiction. Dillon asks that the Reverend call him after his meeting with Beauvais to let him know what is going on.

Meanwhile, Yuriko and Hana are left alone in the office. Hana checks her phone messages. Armando has apparently left a few inquiring after her. In his final message, he tells her that he’s had enough and for her not to call him. Hana is visibly upset. Yuriko assures her that it is for the best, that he’s dangerous. She also apologizes for not protecting her better. She asks Hana why she came to America. Hana resentfully responds that she came to America to have fun and that Yuriko is distinctly not fun.

Dillon returns from speaking with Reverend Buxman and takes Yuriko aside. He has bad news for her—Hana is probably addicted to vampire saliva. She could come out of it, but it will take time and be physically taxing for her. They also discuss possible plans to do something about it—speaking with Kendria or Aleister, for example. After their brief discussion, they return to the office where they left Hana to find that she has just finished a phone call with Armando. Yuriko takes her phone and deletes Armando’s number from it. Dillon calls upon his new preternatural connection to Hana’s addiction and speaks with her, reinforcing the fact that she shouldn’t contact Armando because he is extremely dangerous. She seems to take his words seriously.

October 23, 2012 (afternoon)

Yuriko and Hana go to Yuriko’s apartment while Dillon goes to Powell’s to speak with Aleister. At the bookstore, the old man is friendly, but obviously wary. Dillon asks if he can ask him some discreet questions and Aleister arranges for them to use the now-empty Rare Book room. The two discuss some of the differences between Black Court and Red Court vampires—particularly how they can control others. For the Black Court, they actually mesmerize and psychically control their victims, breaking their minds. For the Red Court, they use the addictive nature of their venom. Unfortunately, Dillon’s friend with the addiction will simply have to take time to recover—but she should recover. They also discuss the power of thresholds and the ability to strengthen them with wards. In an effort to convince the ex-Warden to strengthen the threshold at Yuriko’s apartment, he tells him a bit about the threat of the Red Court vampire, Armando. In the course of the conversation, Aleister reveals that he has heard that the Red Court and the White Council are at war, and advises Dillon that a call to the current Warden may be in order for their situation. As far as Yuriko’s threshold, Aleister could strengthen it with a ward that would have to be revitalized periodically. He will do this in exchange for a a favor in return, to be called in later. Aleister will establish a ward that can only be breached by those wearing 5 “key” talismans. He says that he will have to gather some accountrements and will meet them at Yuriko’s apartment later in the day. Dillon gives him Yuriko’s address and exits the bookstore, calling Yuriko to keep her apprised as to what is going on.

Back at the apartment, Yuriko tells Hana that an acquaintance of theirs is going to come by and cast a spell to help protect them from Armando. Hana, who has been sitting off to herself sullenly, just shakes her head in response. Dillon arrives, followed before too much longer by Aleister, who is lugging a large duffle bag.

The old man is invited inside and starts making preparations for his ritual. He establishes a chalked-off perimeter of the whole apartment, muttering in Latin to himself as he draws the lines. Then he establishes a circle in the carpet of the living facing the door. He draws rays protruding from his circle and joining with the lines surrounding the door. He then removes some candles and incense from his duffle bag and sets them up at the point of each ray. In an adjacent circle, he places a ring of large skeleton keys that he had gotten from a hardware store—he thought them “appropriate” as talismans. He then settles into the circle and begins muttering to himself in concentration. After a few moments, the air in the room grows more electric and the observers can see Aleister growing more and more stressed in his concentration. He seems to be jarred a few times, as if slapped. Finally, the air settles down and the old man opens his eyes. “It’s done,” he breathes and slowly picks himself up off the floor.

Aleister then explains to Yuriko that he will be back in a month to reinforce the ward, as part of the agreement he made with Dillon. He also mentions the existence of a group known as the Fellowship of St. Giles that have been known to help victims of Red Court vampire attacks. He wishes them all well and makes his exit.

Dillon calls and checks in with Reverend Buxman. He and Beauvais met at the church and discussed their current predicament, but came to no conclusion as to how to proceed—other than with extreme caution.

Then Dillon texts Sabrina, “Are you okay?” She responds with “Fine at work”.

Dillon then calls Nick. Nick lets him know that he’s been working on the divination device for the bullet and that he should be please with how it will turn out. He just needs a couple of more days on it. Dillon then catches Nick on the various irons they have in the fire. He tells him about the stakeout planned on the full moon (October 30) at Mount Hood. He tells Nick that they “met a demon” who’s trailing Reverend Buxman and that they’ve probably angered a full-blooded Red Court vampire. He also informs him about the ward around Yuriko‘s apartment and that they’ll be giving him a “key” talisman. Dillon also informs him of Hana‘s probably addiction and her connection to the vampire. Finally, he tells nick about the apparent war between the Red Court and the White Council. Nick gives Dillon Leilani Capstone’s contact information. Dillon gives Nick Armando’s description, as well as that of Benjamin Hutton. Nick also gives Dillon his address, in case he needs anything. He also mentions that some of the practitioners in the area are getting together at Edgefield to meet. Apparently a practitioner from Chicago is coming to discuss with them some means to protect themselves in these troubled times.

Finally, Dillon calls Elder Eaglestaff. He asks him about what decision the Elders have come to in regard to handling Killian Eris. The Elder tells him that they want to work alone and not call in any other groups. The Elders will be conducting their rituals at the same time as Eris attempts his—their work will (hopefully) counteract his. They will sendJack Sigo to help them (Dillon and the others) deal with Eris “in-house”.

Yuriko then calls Leilani Capstone. The Warden answers her phone with “This better be good.” Yuriko informs her that a Red Court vampire is stalking her cousin, explaining their current situation. She also gives the Warden Armando’s name and the fact that we works in the port and frequents The Zoo. Yuriko also indicates that an “anonymous acquaintance” has strengthened the wards on her home and that her cousin is showing signs of addiction to vampire venom. Capstone gets Yuriko’s address and assures her that she will be returning to Portland to deal with this matter. Later, Yuriko taps into Hana‘s phone account (with her reluctant permission) and gets Armando’s cell number, which she texts to Capstone.

Dillon calls Sabrina and explains to her that they have called the Warden to deal with Armando. He has to explain a bit about what Wardens are to her in the process. He also explains that an “anonymous acquaintance” has strengthened the defenses of Yuriko’s apartment and about the key talisman. In the meantime, Sabrina should “lay low”, unless it is necessary for her to come out. Sabrina reminds him that they were supposed to go to Hutton’s apartment today to see the secret chamber. Dillon had forgotten about that in all the excitement. They will meet her there today at 5 pm.

In the meantime, Hana cannot go to the crime scene with Yuriko and Dillon, so they agree to drop her off at Yuriko’s parents’ house en route to Hutton’s apartment.



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