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MollyThe rate at which Cities and Characters grow in the Dresden Files RPG is measured in Milestones

Milestones fall into 3 categories: Minor, Significant, and Major

Minor Milestone

  • Usually occur either at the end of a session of play or whenever one significant piece of a story is resolved.
  • When a Minor Milestone occurs, you may do one of the following:
    • Switch the rank values of any two Skillsor – replace one Average skill with one that isn’t on your sheet
    • Change any single Stunt for another Stunt
    • Purchase Stunts or Powers provided you have the Refresh to do so
    • Rename one Aspect
  • These changes should be justified as much as possible in the story (GM is final arbiter)
  • High Concepts should not be changed with a Minor Milestone
  • If you’ve lost your Trouble in-story—great! Now replace it with a new Trouble…

Significant Milestone

  • Usually occurs at the conclusion of a scenario (adventure) or major plotline (or once every two or three sessions)
  • When a Significant Milestone occurs, you get all of the following:
    • One additional Skill rank (can buy one new Average or bank to increase existing skills)
      • When increasing existing Skills, only pay the difference (Average to Fair = 1)
    • One of the benefits of a Minor Milestone
    • Spellcasters may reconfigure their focus and enchanted items and slots

Remember: You cannot have more skills at any level than you have one level down from that. So…

To have a Fair skill, you must have at least one Average skill
To have a Good skill, you must have at least one Fair and one Average skill
To have a Great skill, you must have at least one Good, one Fair, and one Average skill
To have a Superb skill, you must have at least one Great, one Good, one Fair, and one Average skill.

Major Milestone

  • Should only occur when something shakes the campaign up a lot: a few scenarios have concluded, or a long, large-scale plot line has been resolved.
  • When a Major Milestone occurs, your character gets all of the following:
    • You can “clear out” an extreme consequence slot, allowing it to be used again
    • An additional point of Refresh (base and current)
    • New Stunts and/or Powers (as in the beginning of the game…)
      • May allow a character who could not start as a Wizard to become one…
    • All the benefits of a Significant Milestone
  • The GM may increase the Skill Cap by one rank…


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