Champion of God

Harry and michaelChampions of God are among the rarest of mortal humans, actively called to service by the Almighty (in one of many possible guises) to stand against the darkness and beat it back with the strength and light of their faith… (YS 73)

Examples : Michael Carpenter, Shiro, Sanya


  • High Concept that is in line with their nature as a true holy warrior (e.g. Knight of the Cross)
  • High Conviction score (Good or higher recommended)
  • Required Powers:
    • Bless This House [-1]
    • Guide my Hand [-1]
    • Holy Touch [-1]
    • Righteousness [-2]


  • Knights of the Cross carry one of the Swords of the Cross
    • Sword of the Cross [-3] (Item of Power already baked in)

Important Skills

  • Conviction
  • Combat-oriented skills

Minimum Refresh Cost

  • -5

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Champion of God

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