ChangelingChangelings are half-human, half-faerie people who—at least for the moment—are still living life as mortals. But before each changeling, every day, stands The Choice, a razor’s edge dividing their mortal nature from their faerie nature. When they call upon the abilities of their faerie blood, they—bit by bit—push themselves closer to becoming full faerie… (YS 74)

Examples : Ace, Fix, Lily, and Meryl (from “Summer Knight”)


  • A High Concept indicating his/her faerie parentage (e.g. Ogre-Blooded Changeling or Half-Pixie Heritage)
    • This brings faerie vulnerabilities (cold iron, supernaturally binding gift-exchanges, etc.)
    • Even if your character takes some manner of paranormal toughness or healing, those abilities will not protect against faerie-based vulnerabilities


  • Work out with the GM (or let the GM keep this a secret) a set of inherited supernatural Powers that could manifest during play as the character draws closer to making his/her Choice (this would be based on the fae creature from which the changeling descends).
    • Any ability from this list may be added to your character at any time during play and the Refresh cost will be applied at that time. There are no “take-backs” on such powers save for the Choice to become fully mortal
    • If taking on another ability reduces the character’s Refresh to zero or fulfills all the “musts” of a faerie of the appropriate type, the changeling has made the Choice to become full faerie. Otherwise, they choose to change to a Pure Mortal template.

Important Skills

  • Depends upon options taken

Minimum Refresh Cost

  • -0. The total cost for changelings depends entirely on how deeply your character has made the Choice at the start of the play and will change over the course of the game.

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